Frank at 50

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Well not sure where to start. What a 50th that was. My official birthday was on the 7th and I actually worked in the morning, doing a family shoot over in Watford at The Grove. I got back home around 2pm, then it was all of the Millar’s and other half’s off to the Six Bells for a few. Wondering back up the town, we just had to pop in to the The Cross Keys for one. If you don’t know The Cross Keys, it’s an old style pub, no music no dartboard, just proper good old beer from kegs. Well, as we had been drinking for a while we were a little noisy and Peter, the LandLord who was upstairs, thought he had a hen party come in, as yes I laugh loud like a girl. After that visit there was only one place to end up, The Star & Garter for a curry. As always very nice, then it was off home for a few nightcaps of Bacardi’s. A great day on its own.

Now fast forward six days and we arrive at Saturday 13th April 2013. This was the real party day that I had been talking about for a year. We were going to have it at The James Figgs out the back, but when I asked them about it, the bar would only stay open until 1am, then you just know the music would of had to stop and that would have been the end of it. So we made the decision to have it at home, then it could finish when the last man or woman was standing !

First job, glasses from Waitrose, then back home to start moving everything to its new position ready for the party. We had always planned at 3pm to head off to Prezzo, so we could all have something to eat. Chris & Nakita were also invited for the meal. Anyway we were nearly all ready just after 2pm with everything sorted apart from the punch, which we were going to make on our return. Carl popped out of the lounge and I thought nothing of it, until he came back in and behind him was my cousins daughter from Canada, Christine. I was in total shock, just could not believe they all kept it a secret. She has been living in Ireland for a while with her boyfriend, Sean. What a nice guy he is and after just a few minutes, it was like we had known him for ages.

Off to Prezzo’s for the meal was next, again all very nice and due to the time of day and the number of us, we sat upstairs all on our own, so had a great chat and laugh, without anyone else around to upset or worry about.

Back home, punch made, final bits sorted, fires lit outside … Then wait for the people to arrive. When I was planning this party I sort of had this vision of it being a lovely day. With sunshine and blue skies, then turning into a loverly spring evening, so based the number of invitations on this. I could not have got that more wrong. Rain showers and wind was the order of the day. We had some gazebos up so at least some could go outside if they wanted to, not that any did !

So the guests start arriving and the amount of drink coming in was obscene, they were bringing what they wanted to drink as well as a bottle for me of either Champaign or Bacardi. Right then I knew it was going to be a great party. Back to the number of people, when we counted up with just two days to go we were at 84 …. Yes 84 ! Now we have a nice four bedroom home, but it’s not THAT big. So with two neighbours also popping in and Christine & Sean, we hit 88. There was still one more surprise for the night, Jan had emailed Anton, my old school mate, who we had kept in touch with until about 10 years ago. He told Jan don’t worry I will be there. So at about 9pm I looked up to this person coming into the dinning room and there he is. Well I was absolutely blown away for the second time today, big bear hugs (all very manly) then chat, chat, chat. Of course he had to drag me outside to see his new baby, an Aston Martin DB9, not bad for a guy who was not the most academic in school !

So now as we peaked in numbers we hit 90 ….. Oh wow that was a lot of people, but everyone was having a great time and all mixing and making new friends. A good friend of mine, Paul brought his camera and it’s thanks to him for these’s great shots.

Music was pumping, drink was flowing, dancing was happening. It really was the best party ever, which finished at around 4:30am.

Thanks to all the people who came, all the presents, to many to mention, but the cake with my picture on it, a personalised Newitt’s pie, a bottle of Bollinger, three great pictures, some personalises glasses, vouchers and more bottles of Bacardi and Champaign than the local off licence !


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You win some, you lose some, but you have to take part, don’t just do nothing


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So today we lost a big part of the Millar family, our best friend who always loved to see us, regardless of the time of day or what the weather was doing outside ….. Rudy our Jack Russell.

From the early days when as a young little boy Carl used to take him out right up to current when he still enjoyed his walks by anyone of us, he just did not want to go too far, he loved his walks, that’s for sure. What will I remember best ? Well of course it will be his obsession with tennis balls and until his eye sight went a few months ago, he would chase that ball for as long as you were prepared to throw it for him. On walks out he could smell a tennis ball at 50 paces hidden deep in a bush and would not give up until just his back end was hanging out of the bush, just so he could get it!

Back in the old house, the old four horseshoes, in the late 90’s early noughties when I smoked, Rudy would hear my lighter strike up from where ever he was in the house and come running to the back door with his ball, ready for me to kick it up the garden while I hung out the door having a smoke. All of us are going to miss him so much, after all, like most dogs, they ARE part of the family, especially when they grown up with your own children, there is a stronger bond, I am sure of that. RIP Rudy.

Rudy Millar

What did you do today ? … I went to Switzerland and back !

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When two good friends who I met on twitter invited me to go the Geneva Motor Show, I thought to myself, that sounds expensive, but after reluctantly asking the question “sounds great, how much is it?” you could have knocked me down with a feather! All in all return flight, entrance to the show itself and parking at the Airport ….. £86 yes £86 …… or I could get a return train journey from Haddenham & Thame Parkway to Manchester for £88.60, £2.60 dearer, how can this be?

So it was a date. Up early at 4:30am with a great run to Luton Airport, well off site parking 10 minutes away. To say it was cold at that time of the day would be an understatement, not sure how cold, but cold enough to freeze the … well you get the picture. As you dont even really have to go outside at the Geneva end, a small light jacket was all I was taking and wow was I cold waiting for the transfer bus to the Airport!

Paul and Dave were already at the airport, we were already checked in online, so up to the long “disney” queue we went. Security is so hot at Airports which is understandable, but I wish they would realise thats its going to take longer to check everyone and employ more staff. Anyway as always I get “bleeped” and get frisked…. always by a man, I never get the women!

It was too early (for them) for a pint so a quick cup of coffee, sit down and we were off to Geneva.

We were meeting Richard at that end and he arrived the same time as us, you would have thought we planned it!

Once inside the show, it was amazing with all the BIG boys there, with £££££ worth or cars. If you know me you will know I am the biggest Mercedes fan in the world, so could not wait to get to their stand and when I did I was not disappointed, every make, every model #Heaven !

After spending around five hours at the show, which was just right, it was a quick pint, before the homeward bound journey started.

All in all it was a great laugh and day out … and yes if invited, will be going next year.

Geveva Motor Show 120313 Frank Millar-2 Geveva Motor Show 120313 Frank Millar-3 Geveva Motor Show 120313 Frank Millar-4 Geveva Motor Show 120313 Frank Millar-5 Geveva Motor Show 120313 Frank Millar-6 Geveva Motor Show 120313 Frank Millar-7 Geveva Motor Show 120313 Frank Millar

Thame #love

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Just a quick post re where I live Thame. Been living here since 1986 and love the town, people, shops well just about everything really. We are like Henley and Marlow without the river …. Or the weekend tourists, parking problems, same old chain of shops …. So do you know what, you can keep your river ….. I love Thame


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The gateway to everything you want is out there, you just need to find it and open it.

So proud of myself

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So the new year was suppose to be the year I got fit and lost some weight, but January came and the winter blues kicked in … Then it all went wrong with far too much sitting on my arse all day and evening and consuming alcohol like it was going to run out. The girls would go out to jazzercise, Carl would go off to the gym, which left me at home on my own in the evenings ….. Pour a large one stick some music on … Sorted.

So what saved me from the self district mode, well a few things really, but mainly being invited to a charity Jazzersice session on Saturday 26 January 2013. Typical me put the head band on, football shirt …. You know looked a right Charlie ! Anyway after an hour of making a complete fool of myself along with about 20 other men, I was buzzing all day with energy and excitement. I felt so good I just could not wait to go back again….. and this I did on the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday …. You get the picture.


It all started to fall into place then, going out in the evenings to Jazzersice meant I was not at home on my own, therefore the drink never came out. I started to then watch what I was eating, cutting bread out altogether and now eating fruit like it is going to run out ! What a turn around, I could see such a difference, just shaving in the morning looking at my face, thinking to myself “wow I think I am losing weight” Now I had been for a weight-in the other week and thought it was time to just see how much I had lost. To my absolute shock and horror I have lost 7lb in 18 days !

My goal now ? To keep this up for as long as I can keep going … Wish me luck :)