What was on in July ?

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So again its been a busy time since my last post.

Very early in the month I did a video for a good friend of mine who was getting married. I used to work with Fiona and in the past took some pictures of her kids. It was a great day with everything taking place at the Oxfordshire Golf Club (very Posh) and the good thing is it was only a six minute drive home, not like my usually location weddings!

She had a dress by Ian Stuart who is the best in the business at the moment and stunning she looked in it too. Her Photographer was very nice and we worked well together. We did the old golf buggy bit and took them off for their couple shoot. Being a very good golf club (Michael Parkinson is patron) there is always well know people playing a round. Being a Saturday I did not expect to see anyone, but looking down from a balcony I noticed Ben Shepperd having a beer with some friends. I asked Fiona if she liked him, her response was not a big fan, but if he is here might as well grab a picture. Ben was very accommodating and posed for a picture

All in all Fiona & Lee had a great wedding day and you could see that Fiona was so happy that the final piece of her jigsaw was in place by marring Lee and the Family was complete. You can watch the short video I did for them here

I did something for the first time in July in my life, I drove to Scotland and back (not in the same day!) For me this was quite a milestone, back in the day when I was in IT, I spent most of my time driving around the country to either fix computers or attend meetings,  but never drove to Scotland. Sure I have been to Scotland before, but it was the old business trip you know Home-Taxi-Airport-Taxi-Meeting-Taxi-Hotel-Bar-Food-Taxi-Airport-Home, so never really got to see any of the country.

The reason for the visit to Scotland was again work for SassynFrank , but this time to Video two weddings, with not a computer in sight. A very early morning start and I mean early, 4:30am ! Then off up the M40 we went. We stopped just once for a coffee and the mandatory “wee stop”. We hit Edinburgh at 9:45am, not a bad record! We had a meeting with the couple we were shooting on Friday, then another couple who are getting married next year, they had booked Sassy but not me :( Still we have time to work on them. Walking around Edinburgh it looks like a very interesting and lively place. Due to having to work there was no partying, but still got to see some nice places.

The weddings were both good and some great footage and stills and did not get rained on once. On the way home on the Friday night we came across this view and just had to stop the car and take the picture. I would love to spend some serious time in Scotland with my camera as the scenery was stunning.

We traveled back from Scotland Friday evening leaving at 7:45pm, as I wanted to get back for Jan’s birthday on the Saturday, walking in the backdoor at 1:00am … another record!

Can you believe that was a year ago we had the surprise party for Jan ( you can find a blog post about that here) Well this year we were invited to Kevin & Jane’s for a Cocktail and Kebab party, I know we can so snobby sometimes ! It was a great evening, just six of us in the garden around the fire having a drink and a laugh. Sunday was spent in London. Jan & myself drove up, I had a meeting with a bride-to-be, so rather than just driving up and back on my own, Jan came with me. I love London and after the meeting Jan & I walked miles, as you do, through the parks and ended up on the embankment, with an ice cream and beer on the way. It was a very nice way to end Jan’s birthday weekend.

Louise and Chris a www.SassynFrank.com video

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Want to see more ? go to www.sassynfrank.com

Best wind up ever by us

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One of the funniest wind ups ever. Jodie and Joe had borrowed Jan’s and my bike to go out for a ride. Well Jan and myself decided to go into town to have a meal and a quick drink. A nice meal in Prezzo’s followed by a pint and pimms in The Bird Cage. It was on the way home when Jan suggested we walk passed Joes house to see if they had left the bikes outside and if so, let’s pinch them. Well true to form there they were propped up against the garage door the two bikes and not a padlock in site. The temptation was too much and at first it was just going to be my bike that we took, but then thought if we take both, how much quicker we would get home. Sneaking down the drive conscious that Joe has a dog, we very quietly took the bikes, jumped on and rode for home, me chuckling all the way.

So home time for Jodie must have arrived, can you image the shock on her face when the bikes were not there, even more shock on Joes facing thinking he has lost my bike !

Jan was debating to text them and tell them we had taken the bikes, but I could not let her, because I knew this was going to be a classic.

What happen next was great, Joe’s dad and brother went out driving around Thame trying to find the bikes…. Why ? if someone stole them, they would hardly be stupid enough to leave them propped up against a garage door !

The next think that happened was even funnier. Jodie and Joe open our backdoor very quietly and took the garage key off the hook, just to have that bit of hope that the bikes were in there and it was a wind up. I still can’t belive they opened the back door and garage without us knowing, they must have been so careful not to make a sound, not even the dog latched on. Well we can only image their thoughts when they popped the garage door and there were the bikes. Jodie and Joe just both came is the house shouting “we hate you both” I don’t think I stopped laughing to myself until I feel asleep. The next day Jodie rode to Zumba and took a lock with her. Guess neither of them will get caught with that one again ….. ever.

One more time

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Sorry to go on, but back on Rock n Roll Bride for the forth time in as many weeks and second time this week !

Enough now

I say oh chap

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Very proud of myself more updates to the blog so soon after the last post…. It’s another busy weekend coming up. Carl & Laura are off to Henley Regatta on Saturday by mini bus with their friends, lots of Pimm’s and things will be drunk over a 12+ hour period I am sure.

I have never been to the Regatta may be, just may be, next year they will give me a space on the minibus !

Me…. well at a Wedding with a nice twist, I used to work with “Bride to be” so that makes my job so much easier and the fact that she is stunning also helps :) . Its video for me this time instead of still’,s but must not put her to the front of the “edit list” !

Monday is the third posting on Rock n Roll Bride and cant wait. The video is sooooooo different its untrue. I will have to blog just about that on Monday and put a link on here.

Ok not much of a post but its a post

and still Rock in Rolling

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The second feature on Rock n Roll Bride has appeared ! read the full blog here . I also had the pleasure of meeting the one and only Kat who owns and runs RnRB yesterday at a wedding down in Brighton. Sassy n Frank were ‘doing’ the wedding of a RnRB intern Alice, and her now husband Graham. It was a great day by the sea, albeit very windy for a day in June. What did amaze me was that we were outside the town hall where the marriage took place, when some total stranger came up to Kat and said “excuse me are you Kat from Rock N Roll Bride” ….. now that is the power of blogging and other social media sites like twitter. I think Kat looked a bit shocked at being recognised in the street, but just shows how popular her blog is. Now looking forward to getting the next entry up on the blog…… don’t want much do I ;)

The working day finished for me at 7:30pm and I headed home, leaving Sassy and Kat carrying on parting at the wedding and beyond !

Having a problem adding blog posts

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Not sure why but I am having trouble updating my blog from the Mac, so this post is coming from my iPhone, just to see what happens

Rock in … Roll out …

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I love the fact that this blog entry is coming to you from the Chiltern Line Train, the 8:01 to Marylebone London to be precise.

The past few months have flown by work wise and time is really running a lot faster than 30 years ago, I guess that progress, and if it is, please slow down.

A few weeks ago I attended a Wedding Fair for the first time in a number of years at The Barns Centre in Thame. They have not had a wedding fair there before, not sure why, its a great venue and a great location, right next to St Mary Church.

It was arranged by Sue who runs Ice The Cake, a wedding planning service based just outside Aylesbury, who I found through twitter. Twitter has become a bit of a “passion” for me, I say passion some would say addiction (21,308 tweets and counting)  I just love the interaction with people from all walks of life and just having a “conversation” with total strangers from all over world. I have also picked up some great work from it too. I have met a few people at tweet meets and have even had my name shouted out in the street, once in Thame and once in Swindon, it was spooky, but also nice to be recognised !

Anyway I set my table up at the wedding fair and the first thing I noticed was how my “stall” was so bloky, you know all neat and square with a 27″ Mac 13″ MacBook, nothing feminine about, Oh well I am a bloke.  It was a small but very friendly fair, with all the participants having a chat and laugh before the show opened. When the fair did open it was very successful, well it was for me. I had an email in the afternoon from a bride who met me in the morning wanting to book me and another was also confirmed on the day. That is pretty much unheard of to get bookings on the day, well for me anyway, usually the brides go away and thinks about it for a while, then lose your details !

Now I am just waiting for Sue to arrange another fair.

What else has been happening in Franky’s world ?……well www.SassynFrank.com got its first feature on Rock n Roll Bride on the first wedding we did as a team, which I am over the moon about, since that posting we have done another three weddings, which are all also going to be featured.

So thats about it for now … later back to Thame for the Carnival with Peter Andre in attendance … I know random but good for the town

Hospital … You looking at me?

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This update is coming to you from the John Radcliffe Hospital Oxford. We are here for an opperation on Jan’s eye. There has been a problem with Jan’s eye for a few years now, its basically a weakness at the back of the eye and then blood vessels burst, which blocks the vision. About 3 months ago Jan had a major “leak” and the vision was very infected hence todays visit. The back of the eye is going to be cleaned up which in turn should improve the vision, you never know the kids may even get in the car when she drives moving forward! … Breaking News…… Jan has just seen the specialist and he now has re checked the eye and the operation will not be necessary, and they can fix it with laser treatment :)

Two Great Tweets

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Tweet from @antjebormann Anyway, I had a decent day. Cried some, smiled some, did some work, it’s all good. :-)

Tweet from @Maykats

@FrankMillar shhhh. But If i stand on my tiptoes I can just about see the weekend from here :)

Got had big time

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Ok So Carl forgets his phone and goes off to work, so he tweets me to say he is expecting some messages today so could I keep his phone with me. No problem iPhone in one pocket his Blackberry in the other. Anyway about two hours later there’s is the “bing” in my pocket and Carl has a message.

I get the phone out figure out how to open the email and see it’s from Emma Helsdown, Carls very good friend and a good friend of all our Family in fact.

Anyway I open the email to read this ” hi you have you told your parents about the girl you have got pregnant x ” within seconds the following went through my head, “Carl you muppet, how do mark this as unread and I am not going to tell Jan ” Well Emma kept me hanging for three minutes before she sent another message say she knew I had Carl’s phone, and that I was checking his messages, so thought she would have a laugh and send a email wind me up !

I have never been so “had” ever, well done Emma you got me hook line and sinker, and I was laughing to myself all day.


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Forget the past it’s gone and you can’t change it #quotebyme


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Love is never having to say sorry


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Just found this on Carl’s iPad and love it.

Life is too short to wake up with regrets..
Love the people who treat you right.
Forget about the ones who don’t.
Believe everything happens for a reason.
If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands.
If it changes your life, let it.
Nobody said life would be easy.
They just promised it would be worth it.

I am trying to keep this blog up to date but its very time consuming

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So what has been happing, well lots really (refers to calendar to check)

22,23,24 of April was spent in Sheffield at the World Snooker Championships. We watch the best snooker sessions we have ever seen live. Five session all great seats and great matches. I am not sure now if there are any players that we have not seen live. Two curries a very healthy salad and a few beers were consumed over the three days. The Hotel we have stayed in for the past nine years was a bit of a let down this year. The lift was out of order for the duration of our stay, the food was not great and the Bitter was of. A letter has been sent….lets see what comes back.

The engagement video I shot in Oxford on the 17th has gone down a storm with the couple, Sassy and even another video/cine company. I am very pleased, as this was my 1st attempt at a total new style of editing.

Sassy n Frank is still going full steam ahead with one booking being taken and another possible, I am very happy with how it is going. The Logo is very close to being completed. Sassy and I met up to discuss which one to go with and agreed on one, with just a few changes. What we did need was a strapline.  The word “shots”  was discussed, then we just went into brain storming mode while Sassy bought a sandwich, and by the time we got back to the car we had come up with Stills n Film (another S and F) which just fits perfect in what we do and will fit into the logo design. Its amazing how we are both on the same wave length. Can’t wait to see the finished logo.

Sunday 8th May was spent from 11:30 to 21:30 in Elms Park Thame, why? It was a new all day festival called Music in the Park. It was to raise awareness of the park and raise money so it could be used to improve the park and facilities. To say it was a success is an understatement, the crowds came out, the beer tent ran out and had to restock and all the bands and singers were fantastic. I was there as the official photographer and although “working” if you can call it that, had a great day myself. I met some great people who were just out for a good time and that they had.

Long weekend

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Friday was a long one, not the usual snooker night but out in Aylesbury with some old friends for a leaving drink. Starting at 4:30 was never going to be good ! Starting at a pub in the town we then took a walk to an Indian on the outskirts of the town, where a very nice meal was had. Then it was back into town where we ended up in a pub that had a very strong smell of fish, go and figure, we could not further away from the sea if we tried. Only one was consumed in there, then off to the next. The final stop was some club, where it all came to an end when the shots started. Need I say more than all of Saturday was written off with the worst hangover for a very long time. Sunday was a great day, starting with a photo and video engagement shoot in Oxford at 6:45! The couple were great sports and up for anything. The video and pictures will be up soon and i will include a link.

So back to the cold

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So two days in Portugal and now on the plane back to the UK. Friday was going to be a day off, but that is not going to happen now. I am going to have to go into MTA where I am contracted in to over see the digital album range they offer other photographers. A few photographers need some help on the design and upload of their albums and they do not want to wait until Monday. Friday afternoon is going to be spent driving Carl to an interview at his old company, Ebbon-Dacs, they may have a position for him due to his old boss, Sassy leaving to become a full time photographer!

The evening is going to be Carl and myself in Aylesbury, why I hear you ask. Well an old work colleague is leaving my old firm Gartec and Carl and myself have been invited along. It’s nice that after leaving the company nearly 18 on, we still get invited to evenings out.

The evening could get messy, even more so if Carl gets offered a job in the afternoon, if that happens I expect to get spoilt.

As I said this is being composed on the plane, so will update it as soon as I can to the blog


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Today I am in Portugal helping a client out on Digital Album design and software. It’s just a two day visit, then Friday will be spent editing video back in the cold and rain, which needs to be completed by Monday, so can see a bit of work taking place over the weekend.

Now I have my IPhone 4 and can update my blog on the go easily and quickly, hopefully my entries will be more frequent.

iPhone 4

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Today I upgraded to an iPhone 4, well I say today it was actually Sunday up in York. Jan and I had traveled up on the Friday, spent that day together, then on the Saturday I shot a wedding, made back into York for 9:30, then we spent Saturday night and all day Sunday in York. It was going to take 24 hrs to switch providers and move my number over, and that happened today.

I love my iPhone 4, it’s so fast and has so many great features, hence this blog entry from it using the WordPress App !

Been so long

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Not blogged for a long time as you can see so as April started mad and is going to continue that way, I thought today was the day to record what else has been happening. Well since my last post lots. I have been very busy just getting business, whether it be at the local play group or MiJive dance session to being second shooter with Sassy. In the middle of march it became apparent that i was spreading myself to thin and not focusing on one main aspect of photography. I wanted to come up with an idea of somehow collaborating with Sassy as when we have worked together we have been a great team. I was not really sure what I could bring to the party. I even came up with the name and checked the domain was available. Would you belive that 48 hours later I get a call from Sassy saying may be we should get together in some way, she and even come up with the same name. As the conversation moved on it became apparent that if we could offer a video package of some description along with her photography, we could be on to a little winner. So now it is full steam ahead on a business plan.