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Christmas Tree Time

Posted in Weekend on December 7, 2009 by frankmillar

Sunday morning was spent getting a real christmas tree. As it was Carl’s idea to get a real one, we took his car. After all why should I put a tree in my car? We went to a local farm on recommendation and on arrival found a number of kids with the netting all wrapped round them like what they wrap the trees with. It was very comical and the parents were taking pictures. Continue reading

Busy, busy, busy weekend

Posted in Weekend on November 17, 2009 by frankmillar

Friday night was back to normal last week, snooker and beer, enjoyed both. Saturday evening was spent shooting a friends daughters 18th Birthday Party, which was held at their house. I arrived about 8ish to a kitchen full of girls dressed in ‘space type’ costumes, which was the theme. All was going well until the drink started to flow, then it all got a bit crazy. I got some great shots and some not so great shots ;) and at about 10:30pm it was time to leave. Continue reading

The weekend

Posted in Weekend on October 25, 2009 by frankmillar

Well Saturday morning was wasted with a hangover, which lasted until about lunchtime. In fact I didn’t leave the house until just after 6 in the evening. What I did notice even with a hangover was that I had sent 2999 tweets, so left my 3,000th until I had something important to say ! Some family arrived in the afternoon (arranged)  which was nice and they suggested we go for a Curry early evening and I did not need asking twice. Continue reading

Working week is over

Posted in Weekend on October 24, 2009 by frankmillar

Well its the weekend and what a packed program we have this weekend…not really. I had the usually Friday night leaving work at 4pm and then just chilling until around 6 at which time I made myself something to eat. Now what you need to realise is when Friday comes the good Mrs M does not do ‘cooking’.  I cant blame her because during the working week Mrs M always cooks good healthy meals and one of my daughter’s boyfriends if not both come around for feeding. Continue reading