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Things are starting to happen….

Posted in Franks blog on July 3, 2017 by frankmillar

So moved to Spain in 2015 and took over a Café here in Mojacar. We ran it for just over two years and loved it. The change of direction came when customers would come in the Café and ask me if I still did my photography (Mojacar suffers from small town syndrome, everybody knows everybody and what they are doing and done in the past!) So people were coming to me for photography work, which I squeezed in between running the café. It got the the stage that I was getting too much photography work, something had to give. Sue and I sat down to plan “what next” …. well it didn’t take us long to go with the option of selling the café, so I could do my photography and Sue, well she could become a lady of leisure! (That’s not working out and an update will come on the next post) So put the café up for sale on Facebook and it sold in three days.

So here we go with the next exciting project …….