Its late April, which means Sheffield and snooker

It was that time of year again so off we set at 9:30ish, Sheffiled bound. This was our 10th year but with a difference as we were going to stay in a different hotel for the first time. We had decided to leave The Cuttlers due to a number a reasons, cost, quality of food and beer, but not due to customer service, we could never knock that. So it was find the new carpark for The Leopold Hotel. Staff on reception all very friendly and the rooms very nice. Quick pint in the bar, then off for the first session of two for the Friday,Frank Millar Crucible with the customary booking of a table at Aagrah curry resturant for 11pm. Great snooker session then back to the hotel, quick pint, then McDonalds to tied us over for the evening. The match just about finished in time and it was a quick walk to the Indian. This year was also different in the way that there was now six of us, Peter our newish Friday night team player was also with us. First order was obviously six pints of Kingfisher and 10 popadoms ! The poppadums arrive in record time, but no beers ! We had to chase the beers up twice before they came and once they did the food turned up a few minutes later, that’s how long it took to get a drink ! The meal was ok, but nothing special. As it was Peter’s first year we thought it would be nice to head over to St Paul’sFrank Millar St Pauls

which is where the players stay, to have drink and mingle with the snooker crowd. As we didn’t get in there until about 12:45am it was a bit quiet, but Karen and Paula who we met a couple of years ago and are snooker mad, joined us for a drink. About 2.30am they stopped serving drinks to non residents, so now what ? We thought as Jean-Paul, who is the night porter at The Cutlers was bound to be working, we took our chance and wondered over. Jean-Paul came to the door with his alway happy face and let us in. The bar was all closed up, but that soon changed and we were back on the beer. At 5:30am it’s time to call it a night and head back to The Leopold !

Time to get up on Saturday morning did not take long to come around, and breakfast time it was. All very nice and very friendly staff. Usual for me, about 2 pints of tomato juice with two poached eggs on toast and about half a loaf of toast.
A 10am start for the first snooker session of the day…….. Far to early if you ask me but we took our seats in row B. Now due to the fact the match on our table had finished the night before we were looking across an empty table to watch the other match. I don’t know how it happened, but before I knew it I was being woken up by security with the words “I think you need a coffee Sir” I did manage to stay awake then until the mid session interval. Then it was off to the pub to have a drink with my great mate Tony O’Brian, who was in Sheffield for football. Then it was off to The Monk to show Peter the cheapest place in the country to drink at just £2.08 a pint !
The Old Bear Frank Millar
Lynn’s Pantry was next for the customary ham salad, except this year I just had to have a bowl of chips on the side. The afternoon sessions was under way and I was falling asleep again, so nipped back to the hotel for a lay down for an hour !
Our last session of snooker then started, wow the weekend goes so fast. The session finished at about 8:30, so for Barry and me it was time for another curry. We found one on West St, but it was full up and a 20 minute wait, you have to ask, what recession ?
Carrying on down the road we came across Nermals Indian Resturant. It was half empty and looked very 70’s but hungry and thirsty decided to give it a go. It turned out to be a good choice, service was good and the food even better. All home made with care and tasted just a little bit different to the standard curry, so it’s on my list for sure for next year.
Barry and myself then headed back to St Paul’s and let the other know. This time there was lots of players and BBC people drinking. We sat down, Peter and Roger arrived, off chatting, then I got offered a chip by a women who was sat next to us, then before you knew it we were all chatting away and having a great laugh. Next came the embarrassing bit, Peter had photoshopped a picture of me and decided to show it to the person just stood behind where we were sitting, if that wasn’t bad enough, that person only happened to be one of the greatest snooker players ever …. Steven Hendry ! Well when Peter showed him the picture, he looked at me, looked and the picture, then pissed himself laughing!Frank Millar Snooker
Getting close to us not being served anymore, we all headed for ……… yes Cutlers, where we just knew we would get served and we were not disappointed…again The bar was open tonight and the usual very loud Welsh were in the bar, so we carried a settee down from the first floor and made our own space in the hallway. A great laugh was had until 4:30am, then time for bed.
Sunday morning came even quicker than the night before, breakfast had, walk around the town, check out, then homeward bound. Another great Sheffield snooker weekend.

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  1. Why Frank you look very hot there :)

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