So today we lost a big part of the Millar family, our best friend who always loved to see us, regardless of the time of day or what the weather was doing outside ….. Rudy our Jack Russell.

From the early days when as a young little boy Carl used to take him out right up to current when he still enjoyed his walks by anyone of us, he just did not want to go too far, he loved his walks, that’s for sure. What will I remember best ? Well of course it will be his obsession with tennis balls and until his eye sight went a few months ago, he would chase that ball for as long as you were prepared to throw it for him. On walks out he could smell a tennis ball at 50 paces hidden deep in a bush and would not give up until just his back end was hanging out of the bush, just so he could get it!

Back in the old house, the old four horseshoes, in the late 90’s early noughties when I smoked, Rudy would hear my lighter strike up from where ever he was in the house and come running to the back door with his ball, ready for me to kick it up the garden while I hung out the door having a smoke. All of us are going to miss him so much, after all, like most dogs, they ARE part of the family, especially when they grown up with your own children, there is a stronger bond, I am sure of that. RIP Rudy.

Rudy Millar

One Response to “Rudy”

  1. June Carter Says:

    Hi Frank/Jan & family, so sorry to hear about Rudy, well all can say he had a good life with you all, and I will always remember him as being so friendly on the few occasions I saw him. Just remember all the happy times you all had with him, this helps to try and get over the present time. Chin up and keep smiling. Love June&Roy

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