So proud of myself

So the new year was suppose to be the year I got fit and lost some weight, but January came and the winter blues kicked in … Then it all went wrong with far too much sitting on my arse all day and evening and consuming alcohol like it was going to run out. The girls would go out to jazzercise, Carl would go off to the gym, which left me at home on my own in the evenings ….. Pour a large one stick some music on … Sorted.

So what saved me from the self district mode, well a few things really, but mainly being invited to a charity Jazzersice session on Saturday 26 January 2013. Typical me put the head band on, football shirt …. You know looked a right Charlie ! Anyway after an hour of making a complete fool of myself along with about 20 other men, I was buzzing all day with energy and excitement. I felt so good I just could not wait to go back again….. and this I did on the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday …. You get the picture.


It all started to fall into place then, going out in the evenings to Jazzersice meant I was not at home on my own, therefore the drink never came out. I started to then watch what I was eating, cutting bread out altogether and now eating fruit like it is going to run out ! What a turn around, I could see such a difference, just shaving in the morning looking at my face, thinking to myself “wow I think I am losing weight” Now I had been for a weight-in the other week and thought it was time to just see how much I had lost. To my absolute shock and horror I have lost 7lb in 18 days !

My goal now ? To keep this up for as long as I can keep going … Wish me luck :)

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