Holiday 2012

Holidays have changed over the past fews years due to less money to spend on them and it’s now its just two of us!

Majorca was the destination, Alcudia to be precise , staying in Club Bellevue. Now that doesn’t sounds so bad, apart from the fact its the largest complex I have even seen, let alone stayed in. There really was accommodation for thousands of people in the complex, but luckily for us we were going out of season, so it was not packed to the rafters!



We went for the option of just accommodation and breakfast, which was the best option by far. Ok, picture a two level building with each floor holding about 1,200 people, now throw in a free for all buffet style meal ….. get the picture. It was during breakfast that I could see why we are turning into a nation of obese people. Plates were stacked high with cholesterol busting food that made me feel sick just looking at it, let alone trying to eat and digest it. For a moment I though where do they put it all, but then I looked again and it became apparent !

IMG_2527 (1)



Out of the 10 days we were there we did ‘Breakfast” about four times, we could just not take the hassle, it was not the snob coming out in me (not this time anyway) just can’t be doing fighting for somewhere to sit just for a couple of bits of toast and a cup of tea.


View from our room

Alcudia itself is a nice place and from where we were staying, you could walk along the beach to the harbour in about 20 minutes, where the water and waves tailed off, to a very shallow warm depth, just right for laying down, cooling off and soaking up the the sun at the same time. Taking in a drink and a snack, then taking a slow walk back. All in all most of the holiday was spent either walking or hire pushbikes and going off cycling for the day.


Taking in a coffee

Evenings again were spent just wandering around, taking in the odd drink or nine. With lots of bar’s with wifi, we did one evening FaceTime with Carl, Laura and Jodie, them stuck inside on a cold September evening and we were sitting outside in a bar, trying to keep cool.


Homeward bound

Would we go back? no not now, we have been there four times in all, so as they say been there, done that!

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