At last something to read

I can’t believe it’s been so long since my last proper blog update. So much has happened and taken place in Frank’s world, most of which I bet I have forgotten now. You need to go back to August 8 2011 for my last informative post!

I suppose the most memorable thing that took place way back, was that I was involved in a charity event for Sue Ryder planned by a local company Purple Frog, which took place Wednesday 9 November 2011.

Getting ready for the off

Getting ready for the off

The challenge, to visit each of the 270 London Tube Stations in one day and have a picture taken at the entrance of each station. This made the challenge more interesting as at some of the smaller stations, you could get off the train run to the exit, take the picture, then try and get back on the same train! Trying to do the challenge in one day was always going to be tough, so it was planned that 10 teams of three to four people would each have a list of stations to visit. Our team mostly got the Central line and not the nice end at Ealing Broadway, but the dodgy Epping end ! The starting and finishing point for everyone was Leicester Square. We all set off just after 10am and started the route, walking over to Tottenham Court Road for our start.

Lot's of waiting for trains

Lot’s of waiting for trains

To start with it was buzzing with commuters still needing to get to work (late) and the tourist’s just starting the day, but as we got further and further away from central London less activity became apparent!


Can you see us ?

Can you see us ?

Once we started to get out towards Woodford, it was like a ghost town and you would not have believed you were on the outskirts of one of the most famous Capitals in the world. Our team being committed only stopped once for lunch, with no pub stops at all (it would appear later that we were in the minority regrading this) early evening was approaching and we had a fare few more stations to hit, rush hour was kicking in which also slowed us down, so we had to call for ” backup” from one of the other teams who had finished, to help us out with the last few stations.

Taking a break at Grange Hill

Taking a break at Grange Hill

We made it back to Leicester Square just after 7:30pm for food and drink, then the coach trip home back to Thame. The challenge was completed with a picture record of each of the 270 Tube stations as proof, along with raising £10,000 for Sue Ryder. We have even made it on a Wiki page

Having such a love for London for as long as I can remember, I am so glad I took part in this challenge and more importantly that I have now documented it on here.

Next post coming very very soon!

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