Friday, Saturday and Sunday …. Happy Days

Friday: I did not go out on Friday evening due to the fact that I had to be up at 4am Saturday morning to go and pick up Jodie and friends from Gatwick after a week in Kavos !

Instead I went along to a surprise party Laura’s friends had arrange for her 19th Birthday which is knew absolutely nothing about. It was held in Haddenham at one of her friends who live in a very nice part with some nice outbuildings, so ideal for parties.

About 20 boys and girls all got together clubbed in or food and drinks and Laura loved it. I stayed for about an hour, taking some pictures, then left them to it.

Surprise !

The Gang

In the early hours of the morning we got a text from Jodie saying that the flight was delayed by 3hrs, so to me that meant if they were due to land at 6am it will now be 9am, so the the alarm was reset for 7am. *RIIIIINGGGG…..RIIIIINGGGG* Up I get at 7am (yawn) just doing what you do when you get up in the morning and I get  a phone call. Its Fiona, she is the other “Taxi driver” for the collection from Gatwick. The first questions she asked me was where was I, and my response was “at home” her reply “ohhh, they land at 7:30am and the M25 is closed after an accident at 4pm on the Friday. So after a very quick wash I was off thinking which was the best way to get Gatwick avoiding Junction 7 to 8. My choice was down the A3 to Guildford, then on to Horsham then Crawley Gatwick. It was a good choice, as I got there just 5 minutes after Fiona who stayed on the M25 and took her chance.

The girls were aware we were going to be late so they were fine just hanging around. The journey home took forever as I decided to go anticlockwise home :( At the time of writing this I cannot believe they closed a major motorway in both direction, circling the capital and on route to the second most major airport in the country for 20 hours due to an accident. Ok so a lorry took out the central reservation and  there was a fatality, but still 20 hours ! Of course no one is accountable for the time it took or can you find out why, you just have to accept someone’s incompetence. People wonder why the UK doesn’t produce Cars, TV, Electrical goods in fact very little anymore ……. can’t think why can you !

So Saturday was a bit of write off really, Jan had woke up with a really bad headache, which stopped us going to Swindon in the afternoon and out or a drink with friends in the evening. Still to be positive look at the money we saved in petrol and not going out to the pub.

Sunday was a really lazy day, all the Millar’s at home for the first time in ages. A BIG family meal was planned for the afternoon so everyone was just chilling. at 4:30 we all left for the meal which was happening at The Fisherman, twenty of us in total. It was a good meal and nice to catch up with everyone. It was all an opportunity to get another picture of all the grand children, you can guess who got that photo shoot !

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