What was on in July ?

So again its been a busy time since my last post.

Very early in the month I did a video for a good friend of mine who was getting married. I used to work with Fiona and in the past took some pictures of her kids. It was a great day with everything taking place at the Oxfordshire Golf Club (very Posh) and the good thing is it was only a six minute drive home, not like my usually location weddings!

She had a dress by Ian Stuart who is the best in the business at the moment and stunning she looked in it too. Her Photographer was very nice and we worked well together. We did the old golf buggy bit and took them off for their couple shoot. Being a very good golf club (Michael Parkinson is patron) there is always well know people playing a round. Being a Saturday I did not expect to see anyone, but looking down from a balcony I noticed Ben Shepperd having a beer with some friends. I asked Fiona if she liked him, her response was not a big fan, but if he is here might as well grab a picture. Ben was very accommodating and posed for a picture

All in all Fiona & Lee had a great wedding day and you could see that Fiona was so happy that the final piece of her jigsaw was in place by marring Lee and the Family was complete. You can watch the short video I did for them here

I did something for the first time in July in my life, I drove to Scotland and back (not in the same day!) For me this was quite a milestone, back in the day when I was in IT, I spent most of my time driving around the country to either fix computers or attend meetings,  but never drove to Scotland. Sure I have been to Scotland before, but it was the old business trip you know Home-Taxi-Airport-Taxi-Meeting-Taxi-Hotel-Bar-Food-Taxi-Airport-Home, so never really got to see any of the country.

The reason for the visit to Scotland was again work for SassynFrank , but this time to Video two weddings, with not a computer in sight. A very early morning start and I mean early, 4:30am ! Then off up the M40 we went. We stopped just once for a coffee and the mandatory “wee stop”. We hit Edinburgh at 9:45am, not a bad record! We had a meeting with the couple we were shooting on Friday, then another couple who are getting married next year, they had booked Sassy but not me :( Still we have time to work on them. Walking around Edinburgh it looks like a very interesting and lively place. Due to having to work there was no partying, but still got to see some nice places.

The weddings were both good and some great footage and stills and did not get rained on once. On the way home on the Friday night we came across this view and just had to stop the car and take the picture. I would love to spend some serious time in Scotland with my camera as the scenery was stunning.

We traveled back from Scotland Friday evening leaving at 7:45pm, as I wanted to get back for Jan’s birthday on the Saturday, walking in the backdoor at 1:00am … another record!

Can you believe that was a year ago we had the surprise party for Jan ( you can find a blog post about that here) Well this year we were invited to Kevin & Jane’s for a Cocktail and Kebab party, I know we can so snobby sometimes ! It was a great evening, just six of us in the garden around the fire having a drink and a laugh. Sunday was spent in London. Jan & myself drove up, I had a meeting with a bride-to-be, so rather than just driving up and back on my own, Jan came with me. I love London and after the meeting Jan & I walked miles, as you do, through the parks and ended up on the embankment, with an ice cream and beer on the way. It was a very nice way to end Jan’s birthday weekend.

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