Best wind up ever by us

One of the funniest wind ups ever. Jodie and Joe had borrowed Jan’s and my bike to go out for a ride. Well Jan and myself decided to go into town to have a meal and a quick drink. A nice meal in Prezzo’s followed by a pint and pimms in The Bird Cage. It was on the way home when Jan suggested we walk passed Joes house to see if they had left the bikes outside and if so, let’s pinch them. Well true to form there they were propped up against the garage door the two bikes and not a padlock in site. The temptation was too much and at first it was just going to be my bike that we took, but then thought if we take both, how much quicker we would get home. Sneaking down the drive conscious that Joe has a dog, we very quietly took the bikes, jumped on and rode for home, me chuckling all the way.

So home time for Jodie must have arrived, can you image the shock on her face when the bikes were not there, even more shock on Joes facing thinking he has lost my bike !

Jan was debating to text them and tell them we had taken the bikes, but I could not let her, because I knew this was going to be a classic.

What happen next was great, Joe’s dad and brother went out driving around Thame trying to find the bikes…. Why ? if someone stole them, they would hardly be stupid enough to leave them propped up against a garage door !

The next think that happened was even funnier. Jodie and Joe open our backdoor very quietly and took the garage key off the hook, just to have that bit of hope that the bikes were in there and it was a wind up. I still can’t belive they opened the back door and garage without us knowing, they must have been so careful not to make a sound, not even the dog latched on. Well we can only image their thoughts when they popped the garage door and there were the bikes. Jodie and Joe just both came is the house shouting “we hate you both” I don’t think I stopped laughing to myself until I feel asleep. The next day Jodie rode to Zumba and took a lock with her. Guess neither of them will get caught with that one again ….. ever.

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