and still Rock in Rolling

The second feature on Rock n Roll Bride has appeared ! read the full blog here¬†. I also had the pleasure of meeting the one and only Kat who owns and runs RnRB yesterday at a wedding down in Brighton. Sassy n Frank were ‘doing’ the wedding of a RnRB intern Alice, and her now husband Graham. It was a great day by the sea, albeit very windy for a day in June. What did amaze me was that we were outside the town hall where the marriage took place, when some total stranger came up to Kat and said “excuse me are you Kat from Rock N Roll Bride” ….. now that is the power of blogging and other social media sites like twitter. I think Kat looked a bit shocked at being recognised in the street, but just shows how popular her blog is. Now looking forward to getting the next entry up on the blog…… don’t want much do I ;)

The working day finished for me at 7:30pm and I headed home, leaving Sassy and Kat carrying on parting at the wedding and beyond !

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