Rock in … Roll out …

I love the fact that this blog entry is coming to you from the Chiltern Line Train, the 8:01 to Marylebone London to be precise.

The past few months have flown by work wise and time is really running a lot faster than 30 years ago, I guess that progress, and if it is, please slow down.

A few weeks ago I attended a Wedding Fair for the first time in a number of years at The Barns Centre in Thame. They have not had a wedding fair there before, not sure why, its a great venue and a great location, right next to St Mary Church.

It was arranged by Sue who runs Ice The Cake, a wedding planning service based just outside Aylesbury, who I found through twitter. Twitter has become a bit of a “passion” for me, I say passion some would say addiction (21,308 tweets and counting)  I just love the interaction with people from all walks of life and just having a “conversation” with total strangers from all over world. I have also picked up some great work from it too. I have met a few people at tweet meets and have even had my name shouted out in the street, once in Thame and once in Swindon, it was spooky, but also nice to be recognised !

Anyway I set my table up at the wedding fair and the first thing I noticed was how my “stall” was so bloky, you know all neat and square with a 27″ Mac 13″ MacBook, nothing feminine about, Oh well I am a bloke.  It was a small but very friendly fair, with all the participants having a chat and laugh before the show opened. When the fair did open it was very successful, well it was for me. I had an email in the afternoon from a bride who met me in the morning wanting to book me and another was also confirmed on the day. That is pretty much unheard of to get bookings on the day, well for me anyway, usually the brides go away and thinks about it for a while, then lose your details !

Now I am just waiting for Sue to arrange another fair.

What else has been happening in Franky’s world ?……well got its first feature on Rock n Roll Bride on the first wedding we did as a team, which I am over the moon about, since that posting we have done another three weddings, which are all also going to be featured.

So thats about it for now … later back to Thame for the Carnival with Peter Andre in attendance … I know random but good for the town

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