Got had big time

Ok So Carl forgets his phone and goes off to work, so he tweets me to say he is expecting some messages today so could I keep his phone with me. No problem iPhone in one pocket his Blackberry in the other. Anyway about two hours later there’s is the “bing” in my pocket and Carl has a message.

I get the phone out figure out how to open the email and see it’s from Emma Helsdown, Carls very good friend and a good friend of all our Family in fact.

Anyway I open the email to read this ” hi you have you told your parents about the girl you have got pregnant x ” within seconds the following went through my head, “Carl you muppet, how do mark this as unread and I am not going to tell Jan ” Well Emma kept me hanging for three minutes before she sent another message say she knew I had Carl’s phone, and that I was checking his messages, so thought she would have a laugh and send a email wind me up !

I have never been so “had” ever, well done Emma you got me hook line and sinker, and I was laughing to myself all day.

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