So back to the cold

So two days in Portugal and now on the plane back to the UK. Friday was going to be a day off, but that is not going to happen now. I am going to have to go into MTA where I am contracted in to over see the digital album range they offer other photographers. A few photographers need some help on the design and upload of their albums and they do not want to wait until Monday. Friday afternoon is going to be spent driving Carl to an interview at his old company, Ebbon-Dacs, they may have a position for him due to his old boss, Sassy leaving to become a full time photographer!

The evening is going to be Carl and myself in Aylesbury, why I hear you ask. Well an old work colleague is leaving my old firm Gartec and Carl and myself have been invited along. It’s nice that after leaving the company nearly 18 on, we still get invited to evenings out.

The evening could get messy, even more so if Carl gets offered a job in the afternoon, if that happens I expect to get spoilt.

As I said this is being composed on the plane, so will update it as soon as I can to the blog

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