Been so long

Not blogged for a long time as you can see so as April started mad and is going to continue that way, I thought today was the day to record what else has been happening. Well since my last post lots. I have been very busy just getting business, whether it be at the local play group or MiJive dance session to being second shooter with Sassy. In the middle of march it became apparent that i was spreading myself to thin and not focusing on one main aspect of photography. I wanted to come up with an idea of somehow collaborating with Sassy as when we have worked together we have been a great team. I was not really sure what I could bring to the party. I even came up with the name and checked the domain was available. Would you belive that 48 hours later I get a call from Sassy saying may be we should get together in some way, she and even come up with the same name. As the conversation moved on it became apparent that if we could offer a video package of some description along with her photography, we could be on to a little winner. So now it is full steam ahead on a business plan.

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