What a great event

Saturday 26th Sep was the first time I had a local event booked, it was so nice to have a 5 minute car ride to my job for the day. The event was no ordinary event, but a Charity event taking place in Robin and Dwina Gibbs home for Breast Cancer. How did i get the gig?, from twitter, just stumbled across it, then got in touch with the event organiser, and got myself booked as one of the photographers. The guest list was very impressive with a number of A + celebrities attending from the music world, actors and TV, it was a very impressive line up. The day could not have been better with the rain holding off, it was the perfect setting. Three other photographers were involved in the event, and it was nice that we all got on and respected each others roles during the day. Some great shots were achieved, and the finally was Robin Gibb doing a five song set, and looking back I glad I can say I was there and saw the man himself sing Staying Alive and other famous tracks from the Bee Gees back catalog. Great event, Charity and day and to see some shots taken on the day go to http://www.frankmillar.com

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