Busy, busy, busy

What a packed long weekend that was. It all started on Friday which was taken as a day’s holiday, to stretch the long weekend out even more. A visit to Swindon was the first call of the day to see Mum. Sun was shining and it was a pleasant drive, which makes a change. Mum was a lot better as the medication is now doing what it should do and when I left all was well.

Snooker Friday night was a very short session as Tiz arrived late, so only three frames played then off to the Cross Keys for one. The landlord of the Cross Keys, Peter is also a very keen photographer and the good news is that after a lot of discussion about starting a photographic club, it has finally come to fruition. The club starts on Monday 6th September, in the Cross Keys itself, and I will be there.

Jodie spent five days off and on at the Towersey Festival, the first night, Thursday, was a wash out and rained really bad, so Jodie and Edie decided to head for home around midnight and sleep at ours, for them to return the next day when the festival started. As Towersey is only about a 15 minute walk from our house, its nice and easy to come home for those creature comforts like hot water, showers and a proper bed!

Every morning Jodie would come home with her face and body painted, and a great story to tell about the night before.

Saturday afternoon we spent in Milton Keynes with Laura, as she had her first full pay packet. Retail therapy was accomplished, for her anyway.

Saturday evening was spent in Brill at a BBQ and house party for Julia’s 40th Birthday. It was a good night, but very cold so what started as a outside garden party soon became an in door party and ‘Shut That Door’ party. Beer, food and laughter were all on the agenda and we were not disappointed.

Sunday afternoon and this time it was a afternoon BBQ at Kate and Barry’s. When it was being organised it was going to be a simple small affair, but before they knew it 15 people were now eating and drinking. Barry really was head chef as he had just spent the day before with Raymond Blanc at Le Manoir on a cooking training day! Food was very good, well all except the black pudding which I tried for the first time and will not be having again. Kate and Barry’s neighbours  were at the BBQ, John and Veronica, now John has lots of stories and really knows how to tell them, so had us all in fits of laughter (well me anyway) The evening finished at about 10:30pm, so I am told.

Bank Holiday Monday arrived and for once the sun was shinning and blue skies. It was off to Swindon again to see Mum. Jodie and Laura came with us as well which was nice as Mum hadn’t seen them for a while, because they worked weekends. We all went out for a nice walk in first the Town Gardens and then Queens Park.  The Town Gardens was my BIG play ground when I was growing up in Swindon and its amazing how little it has changes in all those years.

Only plan for next weekend is a BBQ at Kevin & Jane’s to celebrate Elena’s 19th Birthday, its an afternoon start, so Ell can go out with her friends in the evening and leave the old ones to finish off the party!

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