Don’t know it all, but I do know something’s

I once worked with this person who thought they were so important and believed they were well liked and respected, but in fact they didn’t have a clue that everyone within the company apart from may be one or two people had any respect for them at all. Its a sad reflection when you are the first in the office, and always one of the last to leave. I understand that some people are so dedicated to their work, that they do work very long hours, but this is usually due to the fact they either own the company or are being rewarded in some other way for their dedication, be it financial or self rewarding. In this case though, I don’t believe it was the case, it’s because they have nothing outside of work and that’s sad.

So the lesson to be learnt is that you have to earn respect, you don’t just get it with a title and work on your social skills by looking and learning from other people around you who are ‘popular’ and you should work to live, not the other way around.

Life is to short to be sad

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