Happy Birthday Jan

Its been a very long time coming but here we go again with another blog entry. This is coming to you from Costa Coffee on Thame High Street. Its Friday 23rd July 2010, which is a very important date for one of the Millar’s. Its Jan BIG birthday and the plan was going to be big too.

Last year we talked about getting a pig roast going in the garden and throwing a big house party. Also in the plan was to get Jan a new car, you know one of those great little Fiat 500’s which are very popular at the moment and the icing on the cake was going to be to fly Carl home from Australia.

Carl and I plotted this last year when he first talked about going to Oz for a year. The plan was to split the bill and fly him home a few days before the party and he was going to stay at someone else’s house under cover. Then during the party ring the door bell and let Jan open the door. Can you image, that would have been the best present ever. Unfortunately due to financial circumstances we have been unable to meet any of these plans.

But you know what, there are so many people who have so much less than we do, so to my surprise we are content that we are just going to have a nice evening celebrating Jan birthday, albeit without Carl.

This year is full of big dates, Jodie was 16 back in April 3rd, Jan’s 50th today, Laura’s 18th August 12th, Carl’s 21st November 4th…. now that deserves a round of applause !

Also this year, Jan and I have been married 25 years (if we make it to 30th September !) Thats a long time in anybody’s calendar and all I know is that Jan is the catalyst that has held and jelled the family together. She has put up with so much and is amazing with her calmness and ability to just get on with it. We have had our ups and downs like every family, but we will achieved that great milestone and Jan has played a major part in everything that is the Millar family.

All got a bit slushy there, but you know what its good to put these things down, so in years to come anyone who whats to can read this blog and may be get a little inspiration from it.


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