Laura another 1st

With Laura finishing college in a few weeks, it was getting close to the time for job hunting. Well two weeks ago in the local paper a company was advertising for a office assistant and the job description could have been written for Laura, she just ticked all the boxes. The paper came out on the Friday so I suggested we email Laura’s CV Sunday evening, so it would be close to the top of email pile in the morning. Well that didn’t happen, Laura was in a bad mood on the Sunday and didn’t want to do or talk to anyone about anything related to her doing anything in any way. So I grabbed her Mac and updated her CV for her and did a covering letter, ready for her to have a look hopefully on Monday. The first day of the working week came and Laura was in a much better frame of mind. We sat down on Monday evening and we tweaked her CV and covering letter, so she was happy with it and emailed it off.  Laura then got a phone call to attend an interview on Tuesday 1st June at 11am. The office is just a 2 minute walk from town and a 15 minute walk from home, so thats a good start. Laura attended the interview and all she could say is that she thought it went well, but you never really know and I always find it difficult to read people during interviews. She did ask the question as to when the decision would be made and the response was within the next 7 days. Two days later she got a call to come in for a second interview on Friday 4th June 11am. She was sitting in with the main man of the company and one other employee and about half way through the interview, they offered her the job there and then! What fantastic news, Laura was over the moon and so were we (finally rent money!) Laura is off to Malia in Crete on 10th July for 10 day with the girls and boys, so they have asked her to start on Thursday 22nd July 2010. Her 1st interview, her 1st successful interview, her 1st full time job, Well done Laura, Mum and Dad very proud.

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