Friday night, yes you know what I did and Jan went to her favourite Indian restaurant Jeera in Stone with her friend. For the first time it was a let down, the meat was tough and for Jan’s friend they brought the wrong meal. All of Laura’s friends were very excited on Friday as its was their School Ball. All the dresses, shoes and makeup came together and you can imagine how excited they all were. Laura having left school for collage, of course was not on the invitation list. However the only good thing was that Jack her boyfriend, also left school, so they spent an evening in at ours on their own. Jodie went to house party, at Lou’s, who she has known since the age of four.

A normal Saturday morning, up early, breakfast, drop Laura at work and then it was time to enjoy the sunshine. Jan and I spent most of the day just walking around Thame and we must have covered miles. We stopped at Doris’s for a chat, popped into to see Laura at work and got her to serve Jan a Mr Whippy, which was a total disaster, came back home for a bite to eat, then back out again to the The Barns centre where there was a small Photographic display, back around the town to a private house that was selling flowers for charity and we finally ended up at The Well for a cold drink before going home.

Saturday night and Laura was the only one in. Jodie was at her boyfriends Joe’s for the evening and Jan and I were taken out by our good friends Kate and Barry. It was Prezzo’s for a meal then sat outside The Birdcage, then the Cross Keys and ended up at the ‘new’ pub in Thame. The Stat & Garter as it was is now called The Wenman, named after Sir Richard Wenman, who lived in Thame Park  and who was linked to the The Gunpowder Plot of 1605. Well the pub has been revamped completely in a very modern way, all white, minimal and bright, but although they are brave to make such a change, I don’t think it is going to work. Its in the wrong part of town, it needs to be on the High Street to attract the younger generation, who have the money to spend. The only positive is with the world cup coming up and them having a large flat screen, they may take some good money over the bar to build a buffer up and secure some new regular customers.

Sunday was a lazy day, but we did have our first BBQ of the year in the evening.

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