Another great but quick weekend

Friday night was as always spent down the snooker club and then on to the Cross Keys to finish the evening off. Well that’s not strictly true the Kebab Van is always the last stop, providing I still have some money left of my limited budget.

Saturday was nice and sunny and Jan & Jodie went into Oxford shopping. Jodie’s school leaving ball is coming up next month and after a lot of time surfing the internet with no luck, they were to use the old fashion way of actual going out to real shops and trying things on.

Me, I was to have a lazy day with Chelsea playing Portsmouth in the FA Cup final later in the afternoon, I had booked myself my place on the settee at home. Laura was dropped at work at 8:30am, Jan and Jodie left for the shops at 9am, so now I was on my own.

With it being such a nice morning I decided to take a walk up the town, popped into the cafe where Laura was working, ordered a takeaway coffee, found a bench in the sun and sat there for nearly an hour watching the world go by….bliss. Back home for lunch and the phone goes, its Barry “where are you watching the football” was the question “at home” “fancy going down the club and watching it there” “OK” amazing powers of persuasion our Barry has.

Down the club was a very poor turn out, only about 30 people watching the game. I suppose being on normal TV with the sun shinning, people just stayed at home to watch it. Anyway the end result of 1-0 to Chelsea which did not reflect the true game, with both teams missing a penalty, and Chelsea hitting the woodwork 5 times in the first half ! Chelsea had now completed a double for the first time in the clubs history, FA Cup and Premier League title in the same season.

Jodie had a successful trip shopping for a ball dress and shoes, so now she is all ready for the big evening. The arrangement is that there will be pre-drinks at one of Jodie’s friends house before the Ball, I will of course be going along with my camera and lights and a blog entry will follow once it takes place.

Saturday evening was spent at a relatively new friends house party in honour of her birthday. I got to know Ruth by going to The Well Cafe here in Thame, which is where she works part time. It was only a small house party with some old friends, so it was nice that we got an invite. We arrived just after nine with no room in kitchen as always. Being a small town we ended up knowing two other people at the party. Now we don’t go to a lot of parties anymore so was really glad when it turned into a great night, some really nice people who knew how to enjoy themselves. Some people left during the evening, just leaving the hardcore party animals behind. Jan and I got home around 1:30am (I think) coming in later than Laura, Jack & Elle, who were still awake and in our kitchen looking for food. We all had a meaningful conversation (!) about our evenings, then went to bed.

Sunday up at 8:30am not feeling 100% well about 23% really, it was a quick breakfast…..then me asleep on the settee and Jan went back to bed, getting up at 2pm, what a waste of a day, but the night before made up for it. The rest of Sunday was just spent chilling out, then Monday came.

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