Two great quotes in the past few days which need recording

They may not be that funny to you, but to certain people they are hilarious.

The first was up in Sheffield over the weekend. Roger who is the least most interested person regarding any sport apart from snooker, was asked to name a football player. His first guess was David Beckham, asked to say one more he said in all seriousness Bobby Ball …..instead of Bobby Moore or Allan Ball, we just fell about laughing for ages.

The second was around the dinner table at the Millar’s house. We were talking about the good old days, past funny holiday moments and situations. It all got a bit serious when we were discussing the time at Chessington World of Adventure when Mrs M & I turned around and Laura who was about two and half had disappeared. The panic set in and for a split second you think the very worst. A hush came over the dinner table, then timed to perfection Jodie came out with “where was she, the Burger Stall” …….a classic personal family joke.

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