Its been a long time coming

Finally I have the inclination to write again and let people know what is going on in the Millar world. As I briefly mentioned in the last post way back on the 30th March, we got a phone call early on the Saturday morning of the 27th March that everyone dreads. It was my cousin informing us that Mum was not very well at all and may be we should come down to Swindon. Chris my bother was also made aware and he like me decided to jump in the car and head for Swindon. I was about an hour away and Chris about hour and a half. Arriving at Mum’s flat at 10am, I parked up. Opening the car door, I heard the siren of an emergency vehicle and for one split second wondered if…. Well I was to be right, by the time I reached the front door a paramedic with sirens wailing pulled up in the car park. I still hesitated at the front door, but waited and stopped the door from closing, so he could gain access. I then found myself following him down the corridor, at which point he said to me ‘Our we going to same place’ my response was ‘I think we may well be’.

Arriving at Mum’s flat I was greeted by June & Roy (Mums Sister and Brother in-law) Mum was in the bathroom flat out and not looking good at all. We left the paramedic to his job and within minutes he came to the conclusion that Mum should be admitted to Hospital. Within 6 minutes the ambulance arrived and two female paramedics arrived in the flat. These people are just amazing, not knowing Mum at all they talk and approached her like they had known her for years. After a bit a struggle Mum was on her feet, but did not have clue where she was or what was going on. Very carefully Mum was put on a stretcher and wheeled out to the ambulance.

I texted Chris to tell him to go straight to the hospital and I would meet him there. June and Roy left the flat with me and I locked up and headed for the Hospital. Parked up at the Accident & Emergency department, took out a second mortgage and fed the parking meter. By the time I had informed the reception desk of who I was, Chris and Nakita had arrived. Not having been in a hospital for a while, everywhere you now looked are hand cleaning gel dispensers and you were encouraged to use them every time you found one. (after a while I pretended to use it, but don’t tell anyone!) Mum was now in a semi open section within A&E. Now the time was 11:30am and the waiting process began. With not a lot else to do but wait, I started one of my favourite past times, people watching. Doctors, nurses and other members of staff milling around all doing thier jobs, it is an amazing machine a Hospital, it never stops, it has no concept of time, day or even year, it just churns away, nothing ever gets turned off, it just process’s continually.

Finally Mum is seen by a doctor and Chris and I are asked a thousand questions, “Who wants to be a millionaire” is easier than some of the questions the doctor was asking. We answer the best we could (winning no money) and then wait …. wait ….. wait. They decide to take Mum off for a head scan, so its time for a cup of tea for us.

Mum now back and we are informed that she will be moved to another ward, the acute assessment unit. At this stage they have no idea what is wrong and Mum still has no idea where she is or what is going on.

Wait…..wait…..wait….Mum is so restless that they put her in a room with a floor level bed, so if she does roll out, its not to far to fall. Now its the time of the consultant to start asking us questions (didn’t look anything like Chris Tarrant and still didn’t win any money) By now mums good friends Colleen and Veronica had arrived, now with them having daily contact with Mum, they were in a much better position to answer some of the questions, I say they, anyone who knows Colleen knows no one else is going to get a chance the breath let alone answer a question (just kidding Colleen, we love you) After giving the consultant the complete history of Mums health from Monday 16th August 1952 to present, by Colleen, we are left alone with mum.

Its now coming into early evening and we feel its time to see if now they have idea as to what they think is the matter, the consultant is not sure but thinks it may be a tumour or something else putting pressure on the brain, but will not know for sure until some other tests are carried out. Now its 7pm and no value in anybody staying at the hospital as they feel nothing is going to change short term. Chris and I both decide to go home and return the next day.

Sunday 28th March 2010. I ask the girls if they want to come and see nanny with myself and Jan (thinking the worst, so would like them to see her). Well we arrive at the ‘Jupiter’ ward where mum was moved overnight, only to find Mum wide awake and talking ! That was a big shock to both Chris, myself, June & Roy who had all seen her 24hrs prior when she was not looking very good at all. We had a good conversation with her explaining the story a few times, as she kept asking the same questions, but appeared to be on the up.

Chris decided to stay in Swindon that night and I was to take over from the Tuesday. All the tests now pointed to nothing more than Mums sodium levels dropping to low, which can happen to anyone at any time, its a hormone imbalance thing. It was just a case of getting these back up to where they should be, and hospital was the place for this to happen.

On Tuesday after my visit and Chris had gone home for now, with me stopping at Mums flat, there was only one place I was going to visit to chill out, The Ship Pub. I say The Ship its now The 12 Bar. This was my old stomping ground back in the early 80’s, it had changed a bit and the music on the jukebox has been changed as well, no more were “Bros, When will I be famous” at number A124 ! still a couple of pints were consumed, then off to bed.

From this point Mum got better each day, but still felt very unsteady on her feet. She managed to convince the hospital to keep her in over the easter holidays and she was finally discharged on Wednesday 7th April. I had arranged to pick Mum up, which was ironic because 47 earlier to the day, she was helping me after giving birth to me, how things turn around. Mum came back to ours as we had the room with Carl out in Australia. Mum improved everyday and there was nothing wrong with her appetite, eating everything than Jan put in front of her. We would take her for a walk may be twice a day just around block, to get some fresh air. On Saturday 17th April it was time to take Mum home, I think she would have stayed at our’s forever, but with our busy own lives to live that just would not work.

Mum now just needs to get her confidence back and start doing things again and all will be fine.

One Response to “Its been a long time coming”

  1. Christine Munn Says:

    Hi Frank,

    It was great to read your blog! A nice, long (long) update… :)
    So glad that your mum is feeling better. I know Carl was thinking of her over here, and we were definitely sending good thoughts her way. Sunny thoughts, in fact! Sunny thoughts filled with kangaroos, koalas, and wallabies.. oh my!

    Well, good to hear things are going back to normal for everyone… Hope the Millar family is doing well & don’t worry – Tyler & I are being perfect role-models for your son!
    All the best,
    Christine x

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