New Project

My new and latest project is coming on slowly at the moment (an announcement will be sent out)  for no other reason than lack of motivation, but I will get there. In the mean time I found this word document on a old backup of mine and it made me laugh. I have left it how I found it because it adds to its authenticity.

hello, my name is jodie and it is my biorthday 2morrow and i am going to be 11 which is only one year younger than my sister, laura and 4 years younger than my older brother carl who is 15, i also have a cat called tammy and she is about 6 mounths old and i have a dog called rudy and he is 7 tears oldmy mum is called janice and she is 44 and my dad is called frank and he is 42, my best friends are susie and rosie, i have nown susie for about 9 years, ehich is a very long time. i have nown rosie for nearly 7 years.we are goin on holiday for christmas this year, we are foin to calefornia, and i think it is going to be werrid not being home for chirstmas but i am shore we will have just as much fun, if not more.some of my other friends are Holy, alice, and alix, i like them alot but not as much as i like susie and rosie

earlier this yaer i went to wales with my skool, i had such a great time with all my class mates. while we were there we went kanowing, caving and we also did the jungle jim which i was scared of.i go to s.t joseohs skool in thame but after the holidays i will be moving up to lord williams and i am really exited about it because i will get to see my lovely sister every day at skool as awell as at home. i have 5 cousins on my mums side of the fammily and none on my dads side. my 5 couisnd are, ellie, hayley and hannah are all sisters and daughters of kevin and jane, kevin is my mums brother. i also have lydia and joselyn who are jacky and rogers daughters, jacky is mu mums sister.

joselyn is now doin an art corce in colage, so i dont see her much any more, lydia is still in skool and is in the year above laura. Ellie is in the same year as laura at skool and they are in the same maths class together, anbd i think ellie is really cool, hayley is one year younger that me but we still play together all the time, hannah is the youngest, she is 7.And that is the life of jodie.

hello, my name is laura i am 12 years old and i go 2 lord williams skiool in thame. i have a younger sister and her name is jodie and she thinks she is very cool, i also have a brother and he is called carl, but he is a bit of an ideot sometimes, but some thimed he can be ok. my mum and dads names are janice and frank, they are nice, wewll most of the time any way. my friends are rachel, cath, beth, alice, hannah, amy and charlotte, i hang round wth them alot at skool. and this year in for a skoool trip we are goin to marlow camp and i am sharing a tent with cath and alice. i go to dance every saturday morning and do tap, its really fun, a few weeks ago we did a dance show. i also do drama on mondays which i really enjoy. for christmas this year i got a new kitten and we named her tammy tapacts.she is now nearly 6 mounths old and she is now aloud outside alot. we also have a dog called rudy, he is a bit grumpy but we love him, he is 7 years old. i have loads of fun at skool, i have no favourite subjects, my worst teachers are mrs keavy, miss cooper and mr langenhoven. my favouites teachers are mrs lowen and mrs greenholgh. last year we went on holiday to tennerif in the summer, but this year we wanted to do somthing different so we are going to calafornia for christmas.  i was resently in a play in drama it was called ” women kind” and it was really fun proforming it, and i played a charecter called emily.the last thing i want to say is that i love all my family. kisses and hugs to everyonre i now.

and that was the life of laura.

hello my name is carl and i spend most of my time on the XBox and computer, my hobbies include, filming weddings with my dad and uncle and tring to look cool. every morning before i go to skool i stial my hair with a bit of a flick. i have to younger sisters, the oldest us laura and she is 12 and the youngest is 11 tomorrow and her name is jodie. my mum and dad are called janice and frank. i have a dog called rudy and i have to walk him every week day morning (BORING) we also have a cat called tammy. this year in the summer i am going to toronto to visit my 2nd cousin, called nick for 3 weeks and then he is coming back here for 2 weeks, i am also going to calefornia but u have already herd about that.

and that is the very short life of carl

One Response to “New Project”

  1. Chris Millar Says:

    The letters from Carl Laura and Jodie were brilliant and even at that age show their different personalities. In years to come they will look back and say did I really write that!

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