Whoosh he’s gone

Carl has been dropped at the airport by Laura, Jodie and myself. Jan was to emotional to come to the airport and didn’t what to spoil the start of the trip for Carl. It was all very quick, check-in took about 5 minutes and then it was up to the departure and security gate. We said our goodbye’s with a few tears from the girls, but I was OK, final wave, then it was all over. Only when I got in to the car did it hit me that I may not see or have a pint with my boy for another year. Now hurting inside, but so glad he is taking on the adventure.

leaving on a jet plane

One Response to “Whoosh he’s gone”

  1. Great photo Dad, I will be back before you know it and sipping on a stella with you or you will be here with me ;) who knows…

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