7th March 2010

Finally the 7th March 2010 arrived. We had all been thinking of this date for a while now, some of us with joy and some of us with sadness, for today was the day the “Millar” dynamics were going to change forever. Carl Thomas Millar was leaving the family home and heading for Australia on a working visa for up to a year. We all know its never going to be the same again, even when Carl comes back, if he does, yes he will probably move back in to our home, but it will only be a matter of time before he moves back out again. Now I don’t want this to be a sad occasion, but a happy one to know that he is smart enough, has the confidence and ability at the age of 20 to make and carry out what could be a life changing decision.

Some of his friends are now coming to the conclusion that may be, just may be, Carl so far has got it right. He didn’t follow the crowd from school and strive to get a place in university or collage, but went straight into the real world and got himself a job. He found himself four years later with experience, a very good well paid job and a very nice car, but knew there was still more to explore and achieve. So unlike some of his friends who are still at university, yes having a great social life, but also racking up debt, he has now given up the job, sold the car and applied and got his working Australian visa and so the next chapter can begin at the age of just 20.

Are Jan and I proud of him, well what do you think? He will be missed around the table at dinner, Jan will miss keeping one eye and ear open at night (her good ones) waiting for her little boy to come home safely from a night on the town. Me, well I will just miss him like you cant imagine.  Carl and I have and will always have a very strong relationship, we know it and anyone who knows us can see it. I guess its like that special bond they say mothers and daughters have, but I do not love my girls any less, its just a man thing.

Go for it my Son

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