Final farewell (except for Sunday 7th March)

Sunday was a full house with 25 people arriving for tea and drinks for Carl’s final leaving party. The whole Family were together for the first time in I don’t know how long. As usual Jan prepared loads of food, with most bringing something as well there was plenty to go around. The lounge was packed so the inevitable happened and some people spilt out in to the kitchen.Both Laura and Jodie’s boyfriends came to the party as well, which was nice. Joe was here before anyone arrived, so he would meet people at a nice slow pace as they arrived. Jack decided to arrive about an hour after everyone else and some how managed to sneak in, find a seat and go unnoticed, with very little fuss.

It was also the first time all the ‘Grandkids’ had been together for over a year, so it was the perfect opportunity for a family picture. Luckily Jan persuaded me to take the pictures very early after the arrival of everyone, as later in the day, I would not have been able to hold the camera, because I would have had a beer in each hands.

It is amazing that most people groan about pictures being taken, but once they see the results, they are usually glad they took that ten minutes out for the pose. Some great shots were taken and now have ended up as Facebook profile pictures.

As the evening came the drink was flowing and someone suggested ‘Shots’ (Carl) A few joined in, yes including me and yes including Kevin and yes most of the young ones. I cant remember too much except having a race in the kitchen with Kevin, you know how you do, kitchen sink to wall three times, then down the shot ! It was all captured by Jodie on camera and these have been loaded up to facebook.

All in all it was a great final send off party for Carl.

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