Always go with your instinct

Tuesday morning was spent at home working on the laptop. Sitting in the dinning room I noticed a white van pull up and three people get out. Two went away from our house and one came passed our house, then turned around and followed his friends. For about a second I thought, that’s strange, why they didn’t appear to know where they were supposed to be going. I was going to write the registration number of the van down, then something popped into my head and distracted me. The rest of the day, nothing exciting happening just a normal run of the mill.

The evening then came and family teatime arrived. We had all just sat down, when there was a knock at the backdoor. Usually once the MIllar’s have sat down for a meal, nothing interrupts it, why should it? We think it is good to sit down as a family and communicating and sometimes its very entertaining. However unlike me, I got up from the table and answered the door.

There stood a policeman, with an opening sentence of “nothing to worry about Sir”. He then went on to inform me that two breakin’s had taken place earlier in the day just across the road. Well all I could think of was back to that distraction earlier in the day and why didn’t I write the registration number down of that white van. I told the policeman that we were just about to sit down for our tea, so he advised me he would pop back later. Another officer came back around after we had finished our tea. I gave him all the details that I could remember. I was now kicking myself for not taking more notice and details of the “white van men” At the end of the day they may have been innocent , but somehow I don’t think so. The two houses that were targeted just had there front doors kicked in, which are both sheltered by bushes, so anybody passing by could not see what was going on. The usual was taken, TV’s, Laptops, iPods and jewellery. What a shock for the people when they came home.

What goes through someones mind, to have the audacity to commit this type or any type of crime. My resolution to burglary, if caught do like they do in some arab countries, and chop their hands off. How much do you think the number burglaries would drop by if this was the law. Its not yours to take, so there must be a deterrent against it. Everyone talks of broken Britain, well until the government and law lords put proper strict sentences in place, as appose to, slap on the wrist or attend a “I must not break the law” community session, Britain will remain broken.

Lesson to be learnt, always go on your instincts and if you think something is not quite right, make a note and keep it for a few days.

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