What a day in Swindon

Yesterday was spent in Swindon. The main reason was to help Mick & Carol (Family) buy a new computer. Being a claim on their insurance, we unfortunately had to make the purchase from either PC World or Curry’s. It would have been nice to have a wider choice, as in my opinion these are the two worst shops on the high street, not just in the electronic world, but in all regions of retail and I was not to be disappointed.

PC World was first, with the badly laid out lanes all at a angle, forcing you to take the long way round to where you want to go, in the hope you will pick something up that a) you don’t what and b) wont work anyway. We found the Laptop lanes, and rather than put them in either manufacture or price range order, they mix it all up so you cannot compare prices or specification. We found a Dell which fitted the requirement, without the help of a sales assistance, so now it was next door to Curry’s to see what they had. Well at leased they didn’t have the angle lanes, but still all the laptops mixed up regarding specification and price. However Curry’s was in fact worst than PC World for choice, so it was back to where we started.

Now looking at a printer to go with the new laptop and all that was required was a very cheap low cost printer. This was only going to be used to print the odd email, travel ticket or picture, so I asked the man who asked me if he could help, “how much does the refill ink cost for this printer?” “I will just get someone who can help you sir”, Oh so you cant? Three minutes past and finally the ‘Printer Man” expert came over. Well I knew more than him, so did Mick and he knows very little about computing products. The man although trying to help, did not have a clue. So let me get this right, this man is employed to provide a service in his department, yet has had no training or did not listen during the training session or he really just cant be bothered, it really is beyond belief. We just picked a cheap printer, then wondered over to the laptop area.

Yes you guessed it, now someone else had to help us. We knew what one we wanted, but still had to wait a good seven minutes before we could actually make the purchase. They can’t release the goods from the warehouse until they have been paid for, nothing like building a relationship with your customer base is there. So here were two men looking to spend £550.00 in a so called recession, yet it was such hard work, Why is that Mr PC World?

With their hiked up extortionist prices and by playing on innocent members of the pubic who dont know any better, they somehow sell enough equipment to continue trading.

Note to self and all others, NEVER purchase anything from PC World or Curry’s EVER, no mater how desperate. Go online, ask a friend or even ask me!

(End of old man rant)

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