iThame App goes live

On Friday 12th February 2010 the iThame app was released and I must have been one of the first to download it. I got involved late in the process, about 7 days before the release.Two local businessmen are behind the idea, which is supposedly the first app for a town in the world. Six main key business’s made the initial financial investment in the development and hats off to them for their forward vision. The App basically includes all you want to know about Thame, from parking to transport to all your shopping requirements and local events etc. I was tasked with supplying a picture for the ‘splash’ page. This is basically the main page which first comes up and is also displayed while the chosen information is loading. I took some shots of Thame for their preview and one particular shot stood out, so returned to the location, took some more shoots and supplied them to MDB Consulting, who are producing the App. Artwork was added to the picture and the released result is this:

where does it go from here?, well if enough interest who knows where it could go. All I know is it’s fantastic vision of all involved, as its the next step on the technology ladder in my opinion. When you look at Apple’s new product release the iPad, you just know all the other companies are now going to follow suit, just like they did with the iPod and iPhone and produce devices which App’s like this can be used on. I read an article the other day, saying that technology is moving so fast, that if you take a four year course in some areas of the industry, that by year three, 50% of what you learnt in year 1 & 2 will be out of date. Think about that for a moment, that is an incredible rate of progress. I am pleased that I have contributed to what could be a very successful application.

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