Not Jodie’s best day

Yesterday was not Jodie’s best day. She has had problem with a tooth since last summer. She had gone to a dentist, but she was a bit of a butcher, which just put Jodie right off and we think caused more damage to her teeth. We booked her into a different dentist, you know one that would sedate her and the earliest she could get an appointment was December. Now for some reason we had to cancel that appointment and it was rearranged for yesterday. The appointment time was not good, 3:30pm, which gave Jodie all day to think about it. Why was I taking Jodie and not Jan ? well Jan hates the dentist too and cannot bear to see any of her children suffer in anyway, where as me….no only joking. Being Millar’s we arrived 10 minutes early and checked in with the desk. Next a very nice man, the anaesthetist came in to talk to Jodie, well that just started poor Jodie off, she was getting in a right state. He just persevered explaining very clearly, but in plain english terms what was going to happen. Jodie of course was just nodding and shaking her head in all the right places, while making good use of my hanky. We were then taken in to the surgery and Jodie was told to jump up on ‘the chair’ The dentist then came in and he was the twin bother of the anaesthetist ! Nice little family combo going on there.

From what I could gather the anaesthetist had two jobs, one was to administer the ‘happy, knock yourself out gas’ and the second was to just keep talking and joking with Jodie during the process, to help take her mind of the task that was being performed on her tooth, which by the way was a root canal filling. My job, sit in the corner laugh at the jokes and hope the ‘happy gas’ was working for Jodie, and ask if I could have a go later (at the happy gas, not the root canal bit). The complete process took around 25 minutes and Jodie came out of it OK, I think. Once home all was back to normal. To finish Jodie’s great day she ended up with boyfriend trouble, don’t know too much of the details, as only Jan and Laura were involved in the conversation. Carl & I, typical men, shut our respective bedroom doors, and went to sleep. Chin up Jodie, it could always be worse….Smile

One Response to “Not Jodie’s best day”

  1. “Carl & I, typical men, shut the bedroom door and went to sleep” Sounds like we went to bed together… lol Please change!

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