What happened Saturday night ?

Saturday night for Jan & myself was spent at our good friends Kate & Barry’s. We were invited over for a home made curry, cooked by the man himself. Barry was a fireman and retired last December, so has plenty of time on his hands, so cant think why its taken so long to cook! Anyway we arrived at 7:30 and drinks were poured and consumed rather quickly, for the first few anyway. We sat down for popadom starters, just like the real thing. Then main course was served, a very nice Rogan Josh, rice and nan bread, all of which went down really well. We then retired to the lounge for further drinks and chat, a very nice and enjoyably evening had, which finished just after midnight. A short stagger home and it was then time for bed.

Both Laura and Jodie were at home Saturday night, Jodie was going to go to a girly night, but changed her mind at the last minute. Laura’s boyfriend Jack, was playing rugby away from home and was going to come over around 9pm to see her. Well because the match was away, as all rugby players do on the way home it would appear, is to drink copious amounts of alcohol. Now because Jan & myself were eating out, the girls had decide to wait for Jack and then go the local chinese and get a take-away. Well Jack stumbled in to the house around 9:30, wearing a swim suit for a boy aged 10, arm bands and a swimming cap. Now just for the record Jack is a big lad standing at 6ft 3in, so you can imagine how good he looked. You can also imagine how impressed Laura was too. Jack was then told to go and lie down on the bed and after a lot of crash, bang, wallop, flop he fell fast asleep. Laura & Jodie, now still hungry, ended up ordering a curry delivery, so they didn’t have to walk to the chinese takeaway alone. This arrived by the delivery driver, who by the way is on first name terms with Laura & Jodie, due to the amount of custom they give the local life saving indian restaurant. As always it went down well.

Now Carl had gone down the pub late afternoon and then came back home around 7pm to get changed to head off to Oxford for the evening, we crossed conversation briefly before we headed out around 7:15. With Carl being twenty, we did not know what the plan was regarding what time, who, what  and where he was going to end up. Well I can tell you where he ended up. At 3am he and his friend Matt, came in and they were not sober. Now Matt does not live in our town, so was going to crash out at our place. This as all the Millar’s know is fine, anyone can crash at our place, because on the whole all their friends are a good bunch, so its no problem. However at 3am in the morning with no planning, this means that the blow up bed was in the loft. So we ended up with Carl trying A. Open the loft hatch B. Pull the ladder down C. Find the blow up bed D. Drop down from the loft the blow up bed E. Climb back down the ladder F. Put the ladder back up in the loft. As you can imagine this woke the whole house up for the 15 minutes duration it took for Carl to complete the simple task in hand.

Sunday morning awoke with two additional men in the house, nether of who looked very well. Matt left around 10:15am with Jack following shortly afterwards. Jack returned about 20 minutes later with a big bunch of flowers for Laura, saying sorry for being a ‘prat’ last night. This has made Laura’s day. The rest of Sunday is going to be a chill out day.

One Response to “What happened Saturday night ?”

  1. jennifer collie Says:

    Love the updates! Keep it up! Never a dull moment at your place!

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