The Soul Man

Today woke up feeling below normal par, sore throat, tired and wondering in a bad way what was in store for today. However dragged myself out of bed and did the ‘hygiene’ thing, breakfast consumed and got dressed. The rest of the Millar family all left at the same time, as Carl gave everybody a lift today, which was a really nice change for him to be the taxi driver, ironically however using my car. He sold his own car a few weeks ago in preparation for his up and coming trip. I would think that the good Mrs M was dropped first, then Jodie at the school and lastly Laura, who is doing a collage course in Oxford, not to far from Carl’s work, so that works really well, when he is on the right shift and saves Laura having to sit on the bus for hour and a bit.

So now with the house empty it was my turn to do something. Shoes on, coat on, Mac packed in bag, give the dog a bone and outside I go. My haunt for the mornings has become the The Well Cafe, who you can follow on twitter @wellcafethame . On arrival, my usually table was not only there, but free as well ! It’s the best table in the place, tucked by the stairs and you have a nice bright outlook and panoramic view of most of the cafe, close to the counter and access to the toilets, which is always a plus at my age, with the number of coffee’s consumed some mornings.

Coffee was ordered, loyalty card stamped (I know, I know but 9 ‘stamps’ and your next cup is free) and Mac fired up. Now a number of years ago my cousin and his family emigrated to Spain, he was a high flier who had a opportunity to give it all up and go and live in the sun, so he did. I know its not everyones cup of tea, but then if you move to Spain with a swimming pool and sun, who drinks tea, when there is a San Miguel in the fridge?

Now Dave is not shy in anyway, hence why he was a successful businessman. One of his passions is Elvis, who he does a very good impression of, jump suit and all. In fact at one point he was taking bookings and doing a short show at different venues and events. He mimed of course, because he cant sing a note in tune, but all the moves were spot on. He has now moved into the next level of entertainment and what started as a short ‘talking sport’ slot on a local radio station, has now turned into a half hour show on Friday mornings starting at 9:30am UK time. This week for the first time I had the opportunity to tune in, and what a great 30 minutes it was. Dave and myself go way back and we used to spend every weekend together back in the days of flares and Showaddywaddy, so to hear him on the radio, sat in a studio in Spain, with me sat in a cafe wirelessly listening to him on my Mac 30 something years on, was quite amazing. His show is a bit like ‘thought of the day’ don’t get me wrong its not heavy in anyway, Dave just sticks little subtle comments in to make you think. Todays show was discussing the 70’s and all the old shows and songs of the times. The opening song was George Harrison’s 1st number one without the Beatles, ‘My Sweet Lord’ , see what I mean, subtle. After listening to Dave for 30 minutes, that strange mood I woke up in had gone and a positive Frank Millar had emerged. All these years later after giving me my 1st cigarette to convincing me to have a party in my Dads flat (twice)  ….Dave still knows what to say and how to influence, the only difference is now, most of it is good advice. I will be tuning in next week to The Soul Man.

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  1. Great blog Frank.I think you have found a new talent.Why dont you go for a Job on the local Thame paper as a reporter on local news and events,and with your photographic eye you could be onto a winner!

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