One down, eleven to go

So that’s the 1st month of 2010 over, and what did we do? Well not a lot really. January is always a quiet month for a couple of reasons. The first is its a long month after being paid so early in December, so the money is not there to spend and secondly its such a dull month, literally, getting bright as late as about 8am and some days, dark before 4pm. Now we are in February, which is a nice short month, activities will hopefully pick up. What’s on the calendar? well lots of birthdays, a major visit to the dentist for Jodie which we booked about five months ago, (God Bless the National Health Service) a visit to Swindon, so Carl can say goodbye to that side of the family, as well as a family get-together for the other side of the family here in Thame. From a technical perspective sometime in February, Thame is going to be the first town in the world (according to local sources, but not sure about this myself) to have its own iThame iPhone App. The App is going to have all the information you would want regarding Thame and as is being sponsored and backed by a few major local business. I for one will be downloading the App, and cant wait to see its content and also see if I can offer any input in anyway.

Countdown now at 35 days for Carl and I must mention his new ‘Australia blog’ which can be found at

Have a good February everyone

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