Jodie on the move

With Carl off to Australia in March, he is not the only one on countdown, because after five years, Jodie is finally getting a very nice size bedroom. I do believe that when March 7th arrives, Jodie will be crying at one point and sitting on her new bed with a big smile the next. Already she is planning how to lay out her ‘new bedroom’ and what to do regarding decoration. Well let me answer that point ‘NO’. Jan has been waiting for nearly three years now for me to rub down and paint the bathroom walls, so with Jodie talking ‘wallpaper’ lets face it, there are two hope’s, No & Bob (is he still alive?). What this does mean of course is that Jodie’s small bedroom can now be turned in to a ‘Girls getting ready room’ you know put a nice mirror in there and a dressing table so they can put all their makeup, hair driers, tongs and whatever else is required in one place so they can share nicely.

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