Poor old me

Wednesday evening was a full house around the table with both the girls boyfriends, Joe and Jack joining us as well. Its was a good dinner with as aways some really good belly laughs all round. We left the table after about an hour and all went our own ways. Laura and Jack were going to go out for a run, but with all that snow on the ground, it was postponed until next week, yeh right!

Jan and I sat down and all was fine until about nine, when for no reason I started to feel very ill. By 9:30 I was in bed, by 10 o’clock I was talking to someone on the ‘big white telephone’. This lasted all night and into the early hours of the morning and by the following day I was just drained of all energy. Thursday was spent laid on the settee with duvet and the TV on, but spent far more time asleep than actually watching it. Today, Friday, I have just started to feel a bit better as you can tell by A. updating my blog and B. back on twitter. However I must still not be feeling 100% as I will not be going out tonight for the usual snooker and beer or two. A quiet weekend coming up I think, well for me anyway.

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