Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Yesterday evening around 6pm it started to snow. This was for once predicted by the Met office, and boy did they get it right. It snowed all evening and well into the night. I have never seen it snow so much and settle so quickly. At around 8pm Carl, Jodie and myself decided to go across the road to the park, for me it was to take pictures, for them it was go back to being six year olds again. As it was still snowing it was very difficult to take a good picture without getting close ups of snow flakes, you know so close they sit on your lens and spoil the next shot.

After about six pictures, I gave up and walked home, leaving the children behind to carry on playing. The news on TV was now reporting that this will be the heaviest snow fall for 30 years, here in good old blighty.

Ten o’clock came and all were back inside thoring out and all sat down to watch the TV when the picture kept freezing, well it didn’t take much to work out, that the reason for the interruption to our viewing, was about 6 inches of snow hanging on to our Satellite dish. There was only one thing for it…Carl get you shoes and coat on and go a smack that dish. To all of our surprise he did and then hay presto we were back watching the TV in glorious uninterruptable, clearer than analog, digital signal. Just before we went off to bed one last check out the window and yes it’s still snowing.

This morning was not a surprise, the whole of the country was at a stand still. Not even with all the notice, all the resource and planning of our fine government and local council’s could they even keep the major road archeries open. Well for Jan it didn’t matter, wellies on and off to work she went. The lucky one’s, Carl, working from home, Jodie, school closed lets go and play in the snow and Laura, where is Laura, oh yes still in bed.

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