Another decade nearly over

Someone asked me yesterday on Twitter what was my highlight of the last decade. Well that is a tough question, should the answer be a nice highlight or a sad highlight? It is quite amazing that ten years have passed since the millennium bug hype of 31st Dec 1999. That night I was on call due to the fact I was in the IT industry and we were all waiting for the world to stop at midnight, guess what, despite some people making some serious money pre the date, nothing happened. So here we are 10 years later and how the world has changed. I suppose the most significant event of the last 10 years, regardless of wether personal or not, is September 11th 2001. I was at work when the news broke, we turned on the TV to see what looked like the latest Hollywood blockbuster staring Bruce Willis, but this was not fiction this was reality. A sad day that will never be forgotten. I was lucky enough to have a surprise trip arranged by Jan to New York for the first time in 2003, for my fortieth. We visited Ground Zero and it was a very strange experience. Even now when I hear the Fire Truck siren’s on TV or a film I think of what New York must have been like on that day.

On a lighter note its worth remembering that some great holidays were had by the Millar’s in the past decade, New York twice (for some) Disney World Florida, LA, Canada (various times, various parts, various combinations of family), Portugal, Spain, Tenerife and Australia for Carl.

We moved house for the last time….ever, well until the kids have all gone and we sell up, move in to a caravan and blow all the money we have made!

Looking at Carl, Laura and Jodie 10 years on its amazing to think they were 10, 7 and 5 at the beginning of the decade. Now Carl and Laura have left school with Jodie very close to. How they have all grown into perfect role models. I know I speak for Jan when I say we are so proud of our Children, it hurts.

Sad times, bad times, but I know more good times were had over the past decade. The new decade starts with a great celebration year as 2010 see’s Carl’s 21st, Laura’s 18th, Jodie’s 16th, Jan’s 50th and if we make it to September 30th, our 25th Wedding Anniversary ! Best start that saving pot for the parties now!

All I do know is I will do my best to keep my blog up to date, so when I look back after this next decade there will be a great record of the bad times and many, many good times.

One Response to “Another decade nearly over”

  1. Great blog Frank.Amazing to think how grown up the kids are.For me I guess Aug 2001 has to stand out as we brought Elvis to the Uk for our wedding.Then Leo (2005) and Isaac (2007) were born…..and I nearly forgot 2006 we moved house!!!!!!!

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