Its Christmas (well nearly)

Finally the Millar family are getting into the Christmas spirit. The decorations have been brought down from the loft and the house has been decorated along with the tree. We are a very minimal family when it comes to any kind of decoration and don’t do ‘clutter’. We have very few ornaments or pictures or things in general hanging on the walls in the house.Just the lights outside the house to go up and we are done.

Most of the presents have been purchased on line again this year, it’s the best way and so much less stressful. Why do people want to queue in traffic getting the shops, queue to park the car, push your way through the crowds of people to get to the goods, queue to pay for the items, carry them around in the cold and then queue for something to eat, then queue to pay for your parking ticket (usually expensive) and finally get caught it the traffic on the way home. (Yes I am going to apply to be on ‘Grumpy Old Men’ next season)


Click, Click, Sip, Munch, Click, Click, Sip, Enter, Click, Sip, Sip….done

Mrs M has done some ‘goody food and drink’ shopping as well, you know the ‘stock up the drinks cabinet, tins of chocolates, After Eights and very large bags of cashew nuts’ type of shop……’BRING ON THE SCALES’

……..Now let the party, eating and drinking commence.

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