Christmas Tree Time

Sunday morning was spent getting a real christmas tree. As it was Carl’s idea to get a real one, we took his car. After all why should I put a tree in my car? We went to a local farm on recommendation and on arrival found a number of kids with the netting all wrapped round them like what they wrap the trees with. It was very comical and the parents were taking pictures. If we had got there a bit early we would have seen the kids going through the ‘machine’ that the trees go through to wrap them in the netting, now that would have been a good picture. A tree was picked, wrapped and loaded in the car for us, what a great service. We got home and positioned the tree (which as you can see is a no drop tree). We all then lost interest in the tree and 24 hours later it is still sat in the corner, with not one decoration hanging. Oh well there is always next weekend !

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