Busy, busy, busy weekend

Friday night was back to normal last week, snooker and beer, enjoyed both. Saturday evening was spent shooting a friends daughters 18th Birthday Party, which was held at their house. I arrived about 8ish to a kitchen full of girls dressed in ‘space type’ costumes, which was the theme. All was going well until the drink started to flow, then it all got a bit crazy. I got some great shots and some not so great shots ;) and at about 10:30pm it was time to leave. It was then catch up Saturday night TV time and turned in just after midnight. It was a early start on Sunday as I had told the sister and brother in-law I would go to Andover with them leaving at 7:30 in the morning. Why I hear you ask…..Well their Daughter is in to gymnastics in a big way and I offered to take some pictures for them. It was a beautiful morning and the drive was very pleasant, with the sun coming up, mist in the fields, it made the early start worth while. We arrived at the hall which was already busy, we took our seats and the show began. Well I say began they all have to go through a warm up exercise first, which took about 30 mins in all. The competition then commenced. The agility and balance of these people is amazing. I was busy trying to watch what was going on and taking my pictures at the same time, not easy. I was also not allowed to use flash, so had to crank the ISO right up to 1600. Unfortunately my niece’s trio had a injury, so they could only do one routine. The competition finished at 2:30 and my niece’s trio came 1st in their category, which was great. It was then home (stopping at MacDs for a cheese burger) before loading all the pictuers on to the Mac for editing. Sunday evening was spent in front of the TV. Monday evening was delivery time of the party and gym shoot from the weekend and everyone was pleased with the results.

Before it got out of hand


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