Going to plan…well sort of

Monday was a good day with the new plan falling into place. The morning was spent in the local coffee shop ‘The Well Cafe’ in the town. Free wi-fi and good coffee with a small amount of background noise and just enough distraction to stop the process becoming to boring. I spent around two hours in the cafe, and got a good amount of work done, including applying for some opportunities and just tweaking the CV to be that little bit more presentable, so gave myself a pat on the back for that. The afternoon was ‘me’ time, well actually not strictly true as it was spent woking on the ‘office to studio’ conversion. Tuesday was much the same routine in the morning apart from the fact that Mrs M met me in the cafe for a short while, as her work place had a gas leak and she had been sent home. After a hot chocolate,  Mrs M then headed home and left me to my ‘job search’ time, again a good productive morning. Mrs M then called me from home saying that the boiler had packed up. It had been making some funny noises for a few days and we had actually booked a service in for Monday. Anyway called the boiler man, who came and fixed the problem straight away, but it cost us £240, which was not in the current budget. This afternoon was spent on the studio conversion. Hopefully by the weekend it should be up and running. Now its tea time Faggots and mash, currently my faviorite meal, oh and its nice and warm in the house !

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