Routine is paramount

So now with a lot of time on my hands it would be very easy to just drift from day to day. That is why it is critical I get into some sort of routine. You can only spend so much time a day looking for a job, and as long as you stick to the fact that this is main objective of the day, then all will be ok. So the plan is to devote 3 hours a day, in the morning to this main task. Now this can be done down any number of local coffee shops in the town. All offer free wi-fi so why stay locked in the house, when you can get out? Surfing and making calls regarding jobs, makes no difference regarding the location you do it from. The other advantage of going out, is that living in a small town most people know,recognise your face or have an idea who you are and you never know what opportunities could arise.  The other advantage is that you are not stuck on your own, where it could become very easy to start feeling sorry for yourself. The remainder of the day will be spilt between house work and ‘me’ time. House work is a large category and the list is endless. Washing, ironing, general house work, decorating…, hall, bathrooms, kitchen….enough….. now lets talk me time. Photography, editing photos, taking photos, oh and photography…you get the idea. Bring on Monday 9th November 09

One Response to “Routine is paramount”

  1. Love this post Father, keep positive.

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