Friday 30th October 15:55

Today was not a good day as it brought bad new in the way of redundancies. I was called into the office just 5 minute’s before home time and given the shocking news that my job may be at risk. An accompanying letter explained that I should attend a meeting on Wednesday 4th Nov and another on Friday 6th Nov. So now on my way home thinking how do I break the news to Jan, not a nice journey. I called Jan and asked if she wanted picking up at 4:30, which is the norm for a Friday and she said yes. Waiting outside her work was not easy, as I knew what I was about to tell her would be very upsetting. I so wanted to wait until we were home, but just couldn’t and didn’t make it 200 yards before I spluttered it out. The reaction was just what I expected, total disbelief. The next step was to tell the rest of the Millar family. Well being a normal Friday everyone was everywhere so it was difficult to manage the timing. Jodie came home first at around five, who was going to go straight back out again, so we explained we had something to discuss and could she stay in until Carl & Laura were home. Laura came next and then we had to wait until 6:45 when Carl came home from work. We broke the news to them and as always, we knew we would get through it as a family. After the announcement it was sort of business as normal, with everyone doing there own thing. Well that was an eventful Friday.

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