Friday again

This week has shot by so quick its unbelievable. Being a twitter user, Friday is the day when you recommend other people to follow other people, if you know what I mean. This like put a definite stamp on Fridays and just highlights how quick the week has gone.Not much progress in the office to photographic studio conversion this week. The younger Millars now want to use the room as a ‘party room’ for friends to come over, crash out on the bean bags, watch TV and do what young Millar’s do…. :) I am going to stick with a photographic studio, because I have that magic card ” who pays the mortgage” up my sleeve. We still have one PC sat on the floor in the old office powered on, and I am in the process of just backup up pictures and videos to multiple hard drives, just so I have another copy of irreplaceable memories. They are of course all backed up to DVD but you can never have to many backups. Currently I have backed up around 54gb….how much…yes 54gb. Considering our first PC back the early 90’s had a 6gb hard drive which held everything, oh how times have changed.

This weekend weather wise is not looking to good, with Saturday being the better day I may try and get out and capture the last golden leaves before they disappear for another year.

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