Wedding Video Montage

Another way I expressed my creative side was by getting into Wedding Videos. Although I really enjoyed the day and the whole experience of film the weddings, it was hard work. We used three cameras, so ended up with about 21 hours of footage which A) needed to be loaded onto the computer real time, so 21 hours of footage took 21 hours to load B) edited 21 hours of footage down to around 1hr 30 mins, so it was watchable. All this and the fact it was being done on a PC and not a Mac (due to nothing other than cost) the software has its moments and if you did not ‘save’ your work frequently, you could end up wasting a lot of time. Another issue in the early days was the format of the DVD. Going back just a few years not all DVD players would play all types of DVD’s (-R+R etc..) and there was nothing more frustrating to finish a wedding, deliver the finished goods and then the phone call ‘It wont play’. Apart from all that on the whole I did enjoy the filming and editing, I must have done after doing it for so long. Away from the negative side I got to see a lot of nice places and meet a lot of nice people. What I also learnt was what works and what does not work as far as the complete wedding day goes. Having two daughters, if and when they get married, I will have to change my name to Franc (see Father of the Bride) and turn into a wedding coordinator for the planning.

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