The weekend

Well Saturday morning was wasted with a hangover, which lasted until about lunchtime. In fact I didn’t leave the house until just after 6 in the evening. What I did notice even with a hangover was that I had sent 2999 tweets, so left my 3,000th until I had something important to say ! Some family arrived in the afternoon (arranged)  which was nice and they suggested we go for a Curry early evening and I did not need asking twice. The local Indian is doing a deal with 50% off so even better. My 3000th tweet was then sent from the Indian ‘Having a curry and Kingfisher’ …..sad. The family left about 9pm, so it was then time for the casual evening clothes (trackies and tee shirt) and a beer in front of the TV. Carl had gone down the Bristol for the weekend, Laura was out in Oxford with the boyfriend and Jodie at her boyfriends, so nice and quiet for Jan & I to chill……..Sunday up nice and early and felt good. What added to the feel good factor was that someone was interested in buying my office desk, so we bartered about a bit and came to agree on a price. The desk was picked up a 11:30 and sold two office chairs as well, so the office is now ready for the transformation into a photographic studio. The afternoon was spent driving around the countryside looking for that perfect picture, unfortunately I did not get it……never mind, but this is the best of a bad photo sessions Leaves

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