Working week is over

Well its the weekend and what a packed program we have this weekend…not really. I had the usually Friday night leaving work at 4pm and then just chilling until around 6 at which time I made myself something to eat. Now what you need to realise is when Friday comes the good Mrs M does not do ‘cooking’.  I cant blame her because during the working week Mrs M always cooks good healthy meals and one of my daughter’s boyfriends if not both come around for feeding. Anyway back to my meal, it was good old Beans & Sausages you know straight from the can, into the saucepan on high heat for two mins, then hoof down with three slices of bread and butter…..nice ! Of course in between that I just had to do some twittering, which I am addicted to, but will save that for another post. Shower, tweet, shave, tweet, dressed, tweet…you get the message, then off to the snooker club for beer and you guessed it a game of snooker. Not a bad game with my highest break of the night being 27, not bad by my standard. After the game it was of to the pub to nearly finish of the evening, with some Bacardi n coke. I say nearly because there is just one more stop on the way home and thats the Kebab Van. Now I know what you are thinking, but this van is like no other. It looks like a american camper van with canopy and all to keep you dry when waiting if its raining. It was the usually for me, small Doner, chilly sauce, open please…..more to come on the weekend…..later

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